Do-it-yourself car parking in the country house

Do-it-yourself car parking in the country house

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Many of us come to the cottage by car, excluding bus rides and transportation of crops in our hands, but we immediately encounter a problem due to the lack of a parking lot. Therefore, if we decided to use a car for trips to the country, we should also create some comfort for it - build a parking lot.

Repeatedly our cars were gathering dust on the outskirts of the road, while we were poking around in the garden and kitchen garden, overheating in the sun, while we were resting in the shade of a gazebo with a company of friends. But, this is very wrong, since even an old and dilapidated car deserves our respect, as it carries not only us to the country and back, but also a certain load of tools and crops. What can we say then about a new and expensive car, the paint and interior of which burn out in the sun, the blocks are clogged with dirt, and it is completely covered with dust during our stay in the country.

Of course, this is a fairly common situation, but you should get rid of it, and the faster the better. Today, in connection with a similar problem, which is plagued by a huge number of truckers, we decided to talk about how to build a parking lot for a car in the country, create a small and comfortable canopy, or just a neat and even platform. We will start, as usual, with the simplest, budget option, then we will move on to a more convenient and practical, but, of course, more expensive one.

Budget parking for a car in the country

First of all, the car needs to provide a place in the country, and not outside, where it interferes with travel, may be subject to acts of vandalism by hooligans or even neighboring children who simply decided to play pranks. And, therefore, it is necessary to equip the entrance to the territory and in this place to equip a convenient parking area.

To enter the territory of the summer residence, you can use the gate, if any, or check in through the opening between the sections of the fence, which you can do yourself. In short, if we approach this issue seriously, then there will be no difficulties, but this is a slightly different topic, and therefore we will not be distracted by it.

So, the issue with the organization of entry to the country has been resolved, which means that we are moving on to creating an ordinary and inexpensive parking for a car.

Initially, you need a flat and spacious platform, which will drive cars. It can be made of a variety of materials that are only convenient to use in the country. The first of them we will consider the budget - ordinary seeded lawn. You can plant grass in any soil, and then, just cut it in time, providing a comfortable plane. Also, you can use sand for the construction of the site, which is very convenient and nice, and it will not need so much, the layer is only 10-12 cm. Another inexpensive “floor” for the car can be gravel, which will be evenly distributed in the parking lot. Any option for arranging a parking involves a good discharge of water from the site, that is, even after heavy rain, the water will not linger there and form dirt, which is a huge plus.

Naturally, it is advisable to design any of these options in the appropriate way - to establish a curb, fence or even a low tyn around the site. You can plant flowers or ornamental plants around and so on. But design is the last thing, because we still need a canopy that will protect the car from the scorching sun and rain.

With a canopy, everything is solved simply. If the site is located near any building, it will be enough to install several more pipes and form a general construction under the roof, which can be made of any available material - awning, film, tarpaulin, slate, ondulin, polycarbonate. If the parking lot for the car in the country house is a bit far from the buildings, then you will have to make a completely separate, capital arch, strengthen it and cover it with a roofing material suitable for the budget. In principle, that’s all, and we completed the review of budget parking for cars in the country. Now we will move on to a more practical and reliable parking lot, the construction of which we will consider in sequence.

Even budget parking for a car in the country will save your car from unnecessary overheating, dust and dirt, which means that you should not save money for a major construction for a long time, you can always start with an inexpensive carport that will start working for the benefit of the car in the near future.

Capital parking for a car in the country

Here, the most appropriate project will be, both for construction and for subsequent design and decoration, but if you simplify things a bit, you can do without a project. Just make a parking diagram with all sizes, calculate the number of materials and consumables, and also, buy the necessary tool.

Video about carports and car parks

Well, perhaps you can start. We have already considered the entrance to the cottage and the three options for arranging the parking lot for the parking lot, which means we will go further and study the algorithm for creating a convenient parking lot for the car in the country:

  • Playground for parking in the country. Convenient parking will be provided if water and dirt will not collect on it, which means that the main condition is precisely a flat platform, without depressions, possibly with a slight one-sided slope. Such a platform can be asphalt, from paving slabs or simply concreted. Each of the processes of laying this or that “canvas” on the site will require professionalism, a certain tool and equipment, and, naturally, it will cost you a pretty penny. But, you can reassure yourself that such a site will be durable and reliable, and this is important;
  • Parking frame for carport. One of the main points that determines the comfort and practicality of a country parking for a car is the roof, which protects from rain, snow and hail, as well as from the sun, dust, leaves from trees and even bird droppings, which does not very favorably affect the paint . And, therefore, the roof should be good and, one might say, even solid, but remember that under such a roof a solid supporting structure is necessary. It can be made of metal, which is the quickest and easiest way, but the basis of the supporting structure can be other materials, such as brick or stone, for decoration. Do not forget that for the stability and strength of the frame under the roof, a foundation is needed, which (if you did not fill it for the site) can be poured purely under the supporting pipes or other elements of the base. Further, the foundation is established in the foundation, with which the frame for the roof stretches. Most often, a metal corner or profile pipe is used for this, which, subsequently, will need to be opened with weather-resistant paint to extend the service life;
  • Roof over country parking for cars. In principle, it will be much more correct to solve the issue of the roof and the supporting frame at the same time, since the requirements for the strength of the frame will depend on the coating material, but this is not necessary at all, since, recently, there are many materials of very high quality and light in weight. An example is the same ondulin or polycarbonate, which are distinguished by lightness, ease of installation, high quality, excellent technical characteristics and, most importantly, quite reasonable price. So, knowingly choosing the material for covering the parking lot in the country and making it under the supporting frame just under it, you can begin to cover it. The process is simple and anyone can cope with it, even alone. The main thing is to consistently, carefully and slowly, observing all the requirements for the installation of the material you have defined, to do all the work and put a bullet in the arrangement of parking in the country.

The best quality option for parking in the country is considered to be a flat, hard surface with a quality cover, which is about one and a half times more than the space under the car.

Well, now there remains only the decor and the supply of accessories, the wiring of light to the parking lot and, possibly, the water pipe for washing the car in the country.

Some additions to the parking lot at the cottage

Parking decor

As we said earlier, everything here can be arranged in the general style of a summer cottage, a curb, a fence, some ornamental plants and so on can be placed around the parking lot.

Electrification of country parking

If you have previously encountered an electrician, then you will not have difficulties, if not, then use the help of electricians. All that will be necessary for you is the lamps for lighting the parking lot under the roof, as well as small spotlights or other type of lighting for leaving the territory of the cottage at night.

Parking water supply

We have repeatedly talked about water supply in the country, pipe wiring and similar topics, which means that we simply recall that it is very simple to drop the pipe in any direction from the main water supply. In the parking lot, water is needed in many cases, and therefore, it is desirable to carry it there. But, if you do not want to dig trenches and maintain a major branch of the water supply system, then you can simply use a watering hose.

Drainage around the country parking

In view of the fact that water will not linger on the parking site itself, but will go into the soil of the nearby territory, you can do a little drainage from the side of the water discharge from the parking lot. Thus, there will be no unpleasant dirty puddles near the parking lot in the country, and not just in the parking lot itself.

Well, perhaps this is where we will conclude our story about how to park the car in the country and wish you success and patience, because it is from them that the result of the work begun often depends. We recommend reading the article about the summer kitchen for summer cottage.

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