Raspberry Jam: A Seedless Winter Recipe

Raspberry Jam: A Seedless Winter Recipe

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Jam is one of the most popular winter preparations. This delicious dessert came to us from Europe. Raspberries perfectly tolerate heat treatment, retaining a bright aroma and exquisite taste. Seedless raspberry jam for the winter turns out to be a very delicate consistency, keeps its shape, it is easy to smear it. It can be eaten as a separate dish, added to ice cream and pastries, served with pancakes, pancakes and toasts. This method of preservation is the best option for preserving juicy, pitted sweet raspberries throughout the year.

Features of making raspberry jam for the winter seedless

Raspberries are juicy and tender, they quickly deform and give juice. There is an opinion that it does not need to be rinsed before making jam for the winter. However, dust and other unappetizing additives will not improve the quality of the final product. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse, even if it is collected in its area.

Advice! Small larvae often live in raspberries. In order not to consider each instance, they can be poured with slightly salted water and after 30 minutes the pests will emerge.

Sort out the collected or purchased raspberries. Remove small litter, stalks. Cover with cold water and let stand for 15-30 minutes. Transfer carefully to a colander and rinse with running water. Place the container on the side of the pot for 20-30 minutes to let the water drain. The berries are now ready to make the pitted raspberry jam.

Cans and lids washed with soda should be sterilized in the most convenient way. You can put in the oven for 15 minutes, pour boiling water over and close the lids, or steam in a water bath.

The mass should not be boiled down for a long time, it will lose its rich color and aroma. Seedless raspberry jam with sugar thickens perfectly without the use of additional gelling agents.


To prepare seedless raspberry jam for the winter, you only need two ingredients:

  • ripe raspberries. If it is purchased on the market, you should carefully examine the proposed product. Freshly picked berries should be dense, not fall apart, not leak out of juice;
  • granulated sugar. Usually taken in a ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 1.5. After gaining experience in cooking according to the classic recipe, you can experiment with the amount of sugar to taste. Sometimes experienced housewives reduce its content by half and the product is perfectly preserved for the whole winter.

To preserve a rich scarlet color and give sourness to raspberries, you can add a little citric acid or natural lemon juice. This additive is added at the end of cooking and contributes to a longer shelf life of the product.

Attention! Moldy and rotten berries should not be used to make seedless raspberry jam. Toxins released by molds persist even after prolonged cooking.

Seedless Raspberry Jam Recipe for Winter

This is a classic way to prepare a delicious thick, pitted raspberry dessert for the winter.

Required Ingredients:

  • ripe raspberries - 2.8 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 2.8 kg;
  • water - 400 ml.

Cooking method:

  1. Cover the washed raspberries with granulated sugar and leave for 1-4 hours at room temperature so that the berries give juice.
  2. Add water and put on the smallest heat to gradually dissolve the sugar.
  3. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 10-20 minutes.
  4. Grate the mass through a small metal colander or squeeze through a gauze cloth folded in four.
  5. Put the raspberry and sugar mixture freed from the seeds on the fire and cook until thickened for 30-40 minutes. Check readiness with a cool saucer. Add a little hot mass and hold the edge of the spoon. If the edges do not blur, the jam is ready.
  6. Pour boiling pitted raspberry jam into jars, seal tightly and leave to cool slowly under a thick blanket.

Deliciously delicious, melting in your mouth jam is perfect for homemade cakes with tea or coffee. With such an additive, children will eat even the most unloved porridge. Raspberry jam on the table is a holiday every day.

Advice! For cooking raspberry jam, it is better to take dishes with a wide bottom - a saucepan or a basin. The containers need enameled, stainless steel or brass. Never use aluminum cookware!

Terms and conditions of storage

Raspberry seedless jam keeps well. In hermetically sealed sterilized cans, it does not lose its taste and nutritional qualities for more than a year. The main conditions are a shaded place without direct sunlight, medium or low humidity and coolness.

Storage periods:

  • at a temperature from 4 to 12about C - 18 months;
  • at a temperature from 15 to 20about From - 12 months.

Attention! Store opened jars only in the refrigerator, under clean nylon lids for no more than 30 days.


Seedless raspberry jam for the winter is a wonderful dessert that can be served on a festive table, it is also suitable for daily use. With its incomparable taste, raspberry jam is very healthy. It is irreplaceable in winter and spring, when the body needs support, children love it very much. Raspberry helps to cope with viral infections, strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the work of the heart and blood vessels. The recipe for making jam is very simple and accessible even for inexperienced people. Following the directions, it is easy to prepare a few jars of healthy treats for the winter. If you follow the storage conditions, the jam will be perfectly stored all winter until the next harvest.

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