Mixed style in landscape design

Mixed style in landscape design

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Despite the fact that landscape design is becoming popular in the country, and every day convinces another good thousand people to take up their land closely, the styles of landscape design are also developing. Not everyone wants a standard classic or some youthful bombast: someone will prefer the Japanese style, someone is a follower of the thematic style of landscape design.

The predominance of mixed style in the landscape

But there are those among us who do not hesitate to experiment and arrange a real construction on their suburban and summer cottages, equipping the landscape itself, some of its elements, decorating the buildings and creating the garden of their dreams, just the kind that they had been dreaming of all their lives.

Very often this is not a single style, but a mixed style of landscape design, which, recently, has firmly established itself in the projects of designers and in the imagination of customers. Now, despite the fashion trend and the fact that the neighboring garden has long had some advantages, people prefer to build everything on their own, and rightly so, because they invest money in this process. And in general, it is now difficult to find a site that will be decorated in the style of antiquity or in a standard, forest style, a single style has become a little boring and everyone is trying to expand it a bit, adding colors, elements and fantasies.

How to arrange a landscape in a mixed style

Mixed style in landscape design by itself implies some combination, a mixture of styles, the selection of some elements from various landscapes and combining them into one, something that will be to the liking of every family member, relatives and friends who come to visit.

Thus, the proposed options for design projects from landscape design studios are also being improved, based on the opinion and desire of customers. Today, thanks to the visualization of projects, integrated solutions and experience of designers, as well as interesting ideas of people who order a certain style of landscape design on a land plot, a mixed style is born that incorporates the best elements and compositions from previously known landscape design styles.

For example, the entrance to a property, garden or just a plot can correspond to a regular style, with its strict components and some minimalistic solutions. Further, in the depths of the garden, perhaps a little antiquity, where every aged element, sculptures, small rockeries and ponds will inspire memories of past centuries. A mixture with an ordinary, landscape style is also possible, where some parts of the garden will remain intact for some time and acquire a more natural look.

Professional designers recommend that you think over the style of a land plot or garden in advance, since the process of developing a particular style may not last a day, or even a month, and sometimes several years. Beat the desired song is always possible, but it may require additional costs. You can do the opposite, applying exactly the mixed style in landscape design.

For example, to equip only the main parts of the garden, giving them the necessary relief, equipping them with a recreation area, some structures and landscape forms. The other part of the garden, which is a bit off at a glance and is not striking, is simply put in order, eliminating weed and unnecessary garbage, if any. This site can not be touched at all, sometimes for several years. It is very good if there are tall, perennial trees in this zone, which will make an excellent shady garden.

Site layout

How to make a dream come true

Everyone should understand that only professionals will help to achieve success and make a dream come true. You can, of course, try to make the garden you dream of, yourself, but it will require huge time and material costs. Sometimes it is much easier to contact a company that has been in the process of arranging garden plots for several years and which has dozens of completed projects.

In this case, it is very good that a specialist will work with you, who will surely take into account all the wishes, heed the opinion and, when necessary, help with advice. The implementation of the solution for the land, whether it be a mixed style of landscape design or some other, will become much closer and will not require huge expenses from you.

Having trusted the pros once, you will forever become the owner of the most wonderful garden, which can be both a great place to relax, and the best friend at the time of tranquility, and a real psychoanalyst when you need peace and tranquility, as well as the subject of interesting envy of every person who, although would visit your beautiful garden. We recommend you to find out what a demonstration garden is.

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