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Tomato Adeline

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Tomatoes have become part of our daily life. Vegetable salads, soups are prepared from them, added to main courses, ketchups, sauces, pickled, consumed fresh. The range of applications for this unique and highly beneficial vitamin vegetable is growing at an incredible rate. One of the most suitable varieties for pickling and harvesting for the winter is "Adeline".


Tomato "Adeline" belongs to the mid-season varieties. The period of biological ripening of fruits from the moment of germination of all seeds is 110-115 days.

The bush of the plant is undersized, reaches a height of 45 cm. The tomato is intended mainly for growing in open ground, but cultivation of the variety in greenhouse conditions is not excluded.

The fruits of the "Adeline" tomato are oblong, egg-shaped, have an attractive appearance, and have good transportability. In the phase of biological maturity, vegetables are colored deep red. The weight of a mature fruit reaches 85 grams. The taste is excellent.

The yield of the variety is 240-450 c / ha.

In cooking, the tomato variety is used for preparing vegetable salads, as well as for canning and making tomato pastes and sauces.

Benefits of the variety

Adeline tomatoes have a number of advantages that distinguish tomato from its analogues, allowing it to occupy a leading position in vegetable growers' beds. Here are just a few of them:

  • high resistance to diseases, in particular to late blight;
  • good tolerance to high temperatures, heat resistance;
  • perfectly tolerates periods of lack of moisture, is resistant to drought, which is especially important in the absence of the possibility of frequent abundant watering during the dry summer.

Features of growing and care

Tomato "Adeline", or as it is also called among themselves by gardeners "Adelaide", is very unpretentious in cultivation. For good growth and development of the plant, it is enough to carry out weeding, watering and feeding on time. The variety, judging by the reviews, is resistant not only to most diseases characteristic of tomatoes, but also to pest infestations.

Small and very compact bushes have high endurance and resistance to the influence of negative environmental factors, which has a positive effect on the general condition of the plant, and, therefore, provides favorable conditions for the development of juicy and aromatic fruits.

If you want to get a rich harvest of tomatoes in open ground, feel free to plant the Adeline variety.

When and how to properly plant tomatoes in open ground, you will learn from the video:


Elena Fedorovna, 48 years old, Kiev, Ukraine

Tomatoes on my site are always desirable and loved. I have been growing them for quite some time. This year I discovered a new variety of tomato with a very tempting name "Adeline". Seedlings were planted in open ground. I was very worried about the timely watering of the plants, since I work and I do not have so much time to take care of the plants in my country house, only two days a week. Despite this, the tomatoes survived the dry periods of summer very well. I did not feel any problems with growing the variety. The tomato crop made me happy. I mainly use tomatoes for seaming for the winter. The Adeline variety was just perfect for these purposes. The cream-fruits fit perfectly into the jar, without creating difficulties during processing. I recommend it as the most suitable variety for winter harvesting.

Egor Viktorovich, 42 years old, Grodno, Republic of Belarus

Tomatoes are my passion. I really like to eat them fresh, and also pickle them for the winter. In my small area, I always have a place for a tomato. I plant varieties only in open ground, since it is quite problematic to put a greenhouse on a small area. In addition, this activity requires a lot of time and the application of significant physical effort. Tomato "Adeline" has become a real gift for me. The variety is unpretentious, resistant to diseases and even in abnormal heat conditions it gives an excellent harvest of tomatoes. Fruit processing is a pleasure. Vegetables fit perfectly in a three-liter jar, fit snugly together, filling the entire usable space of the jar to the maximum, which is very important. The variety is excellent. Will definitely land it again next year.

Irina Evgenievna, 55 years old, Perm

I would like to share my personal experience of growing the Adeline tomato variety. I planted it on my site for the first time. This species, according to the manufacturer, is intended for planting in open ground. The bushes are really small in size, quite strong, lush. The variety does not need pinching and garter, which greatly facilitates the titanic work of the gardener. I looked after a tomato of this type as well as for others: I watered, loosened and fertilized with mineral and complex fertilizers. I was pleasantly surprised by the unusual resistance of the plant to late blight. This property is an indisputable advantage in comparison with other types of tomatoes, since it allows you to avoid additional treatments of the plant with pesticides. The fruits are beautiful in appearance, medium in size, like a large plum. The tomatoes are juicy, fleshy and sweet to taste. For seaming, the variety came up just perfect. The yield of the variety is not bad. I recommend it to everyone for growing.

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