Google SketchUp Landscape Design Software

Google SketchUp Landscape Design Software

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Although the program Google SketchUp was not created specifically for landscape design and planning of suburban areas, it can be used for this task. You can check the effects of sun shade by looking at your garden plot at any time of the day. The program is very easy to use and is suitable even for novice users.

If you want to design and build, create interesting compositions of buildings and plants on your own site, create the landscape of the territory with your own hands, Google SketchUp will help you absolutely free!

Google SketchUp is a free program for working with 3D-models, three-dimensional graphics, design and high-quality editing. The software has a huge number of advantages, the absence of unnecessary pre-settings, the ability to personify almost all of your ideas regarding the exterior of a summer cottage on the PC screen.

Google SketchUp Features

The program has not only a lot of positive feedback from users, but also real advantages that confirm them:

  • bright, pleasant, clear and simple interface;
  • many simple tools that absolutely everyone can use: a pencil, a ruler, an eraser, and others that can be worked in a three-dimensional plane;
  • free import and export of files with the change of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics formats;
  • standard libraries that simply replenish with various materials, objects and styles;
  • use of plugins;
  • convenient repetitions with macros created independently, thanks to which you can repeat any action not in 3, 5 or 10 minutes, but in just a few clicks;
  • downloading and using borrowed materials and scripts that are offered by other users of the program (a great chance to get what you need quickly and for free);
  • original revitalization of projects by applying an interactive shadow that changes its direction depending on the geolocation of your object, that is, you can accurately understand what and when it will be lit or shaded on your suburban area.

Why Google SketchUp is convenient for beginners

There is the simplest answer to this question: because the program was created not for the work of the pros, but for beginners who need high-quality, simple and convenient software. The intuitive and easy-to-use program for the design and landscape design of Google SketchUp sites meets precisely these requirements, and therefore enjoys serious authority and popularity.

Simple work with Google SketchUp on video

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