Tomatoes Tsarskoe temptation: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomatoes Tsarskoe temptation: characteristics and description of the variety

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It is difficult to imagine any novelty in the modern variety of tomatoes that would arouse the great interest of many gardeners and win their hearts almost from the first time. It seems that the tomato Tsarskoe temptation claims to be a similar novelty. Having appeared relatively recently, it managed to attract the attention of both amateurs and professionals with its yield, relative unpretentiousness and versatility in the use of grown tomatoes. Next, a detailed description of the Tsar's temptation tomatoes with photos and reviews of gardeners will be presented.

Description of tomato Tsar's temptation

It is necessary to immediately draw the attention of all interested parties to the fact that the described tomato variety is hybrid. That is, from the seeds obtained from its fruits, with the subsequent sowing, it will no longer be possible to guarantee to grow plants with the same indicators of ripening time, yield, taste and other characteristics.

Tomato Tsarskoe temptation was bred just a few years ago by the breeder Nikolai Petrovich Fursov, who collaborates with the Partner firm. In 2017, the hybrid was officially entered into the State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia with recommendations for growing in all Russian regions. Since the same year, Partner (aka TK Leader) has been actively engaged in the distribution and sale of tomato seeds f1 Tsarskoe temptation.

The hybrid belongs to the indeterminate varieties of tomatoes, which means its almost unlimited growth. Typically, these tomatoes are more productive, but caring for them cannot be called too simple.

The bushes of this hybrid variety of tomatoes are distinguished by quite powerful growth, in suitable conditions (with enough heat and light) they grow up to 3 m in height or more. Leaves of the usual shape for tomatoes, green. The internodes are shortened, and the first inflorescence is formed only after the formation of 7-8 leaves. The inflorescences are simple. The peduncles are articulated, and the sepals are characterized by an elongated oblong shape.

Tomatoes are formed in the form of long clusters, each of which can contain up to 9-10 weighty fruits. The subsequent fruit cluster is formed only after 3 leaves. This allows the tomatoes to have quite a lot of ripening space.

Tomatoes Tsarskoe temptation from the Partner firm belong to the early ripening ones. The period from the beginning of the growing season to the appearance of the first ripe fruits is about 100-110 days. But at the same time, fruiting is very extended in time, which allows you to constantly collect ripe tomatoes for almost 2 months. It is not very convenient for industrial cultivation, but it is ideal for summer residents. They have the opportunity to have ripe tomatoes on their table for a long time.

Description of fruits

Tomatoes of this hybrid variety have a rather attractive elongated pepper-shaped shape with a small spout at the end opposite from the stalk. In length, they can reach 9-10 cm.

The color of the fruit is light green when unripe, and intensely red when ripe. The dark spot at the peduncle is completely absent.

Despite the thin, smooth skin, tomatoes are very dense, have a rather fleshy, sugary pulp with very small seed chambers in the amount of no more than two or three. There are also few seeds in the fruits. The ribbed shape of the tomatoes may vary slightly or be more or less regular, but the fruits are even in size. On average, their weight is about 120 g.

Inside individual tomatoes of the Tsarskoe Temptation variety, voids may appear. But for some gardeners, this is even an added bonus - such tomatoes are ideal for preparing stuffed dishes.

Experts estimate the taste of tomatoes as excellent, which is really a special positive moment for hybrid varieties. Tomatoes are sweet, practically acid-free, quite juicy. They are ideal for all types of preservation, but they will also look good in salads and in a variety of first and second courses. Also, there is no doubt about their suitability for drying, drying and even freezing.

Due to their good density, tomatoes are stored very well and are quite suitable for long-term transportation. The presentation of tomatoes also deserves all kinds of praise.

Characteristics of tomato Royal temptation

Although the tomato Tsarskoe temptation f1 can be grown both in greenhouses and on the street, most gardeners in the middle lane in their reviews note that it is more suitable for indoor conditions. The yield declared by the originators can be obtained outdoors only in the southern regions of Russia. But in film greenhouses from 1 square meter, you can get from 20 to 25 kg of tomatoes.

According to many reviews of gardeners, which are supported by relevant photos, from one tomato bush the Tsar's temptation is received for the entire growing period from 5 to 8 kg of tomatoes. In the open ground of the middle lane, the yield of fruits decreased significantly. Apparently, due to the lack of heat and cold nights, only up to 2-2.5 kg of tomatoes per bush had time to ripen. Of course, many more factors affect the yield of tomatoes. Among them:

  • correct pruning and pinching;
  • hilling and mulching;
  • composition and frequency of dressings;
  • the presence of a sufficient amount of sunlight and heat.

But the great value of this hybrid variety is its resistance to a variety of unfavorable weather conditions and even not entirely competent care. In addition, the King's Temptation hybrid is able to withstand such diseases as:

  • fusarium;
  • verticillosis;
  • tomato mosaic virus;
  • alternaria;
  • nematodes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the many positive aspects of the hybrid tomato variety, the Tsar's temptation should be noted:

  • high productivity;
  • early and at the same time prolonged ripening of tomatoes;
  • good resistance to many common nightshade diseases;
  • harmonious taste and versatility of using tomatoes;
  • attractive presentation and high transportability.

There are also some disadvantages:

  • due to intensive growth, plants need pinching and garter;
  • tomatoes grow poorly and bear fruit in the open ground of the middle lane;
  • if you do not take action, tomatoes are prone to apical rot;
  • a rather high price for the seed material of this hybrid variety.

Planting and care rules

In order for the tomatoes of the hybrid variety Tsarskoe temptation to please with a good harvest, some of their cultivation features should be taken into account.

Growing seedlings

The seed germination rate of these tomatoes is usually high, reaching 100%, but not always uniform. They should be sown for seedlings in the first decade of March. Place containers with seeds in a warm place under the film. They do not need light for germination.

Individual shoots appear within 3-4 days after sowing, the rest can be delayed up to 8-10 days.

Important! Immediately after the emergence of seedlings, the sprouts need the highest possible level of illumination and a decrease in temperature by 5-7 ° C for good root formation.

After the full disclosure of two true leaves, the seedlings are dived in separate pots so as not to delay the development of the roots. During this period, the most important thing is good illumination and not too high temperature. Since failure to comply with these two conditions leads to excessive stretching and weakening of tomato seedlings.

Transplanting seedlings

Depending on the weather conditions and the state of the greenhouse, the tomato seedlings of the Tsar's temptation can be moved there from the end of April or at the beginning of May. If still significant drops in temperature are expected, then the planted seedlings are protected with a film on arcs or a non-woven covering material.

In the open ground, the plants of the Tsar's temptation hybrid are transplanted only when the threats of night frosts disappear - at the end of May, beginning of June in the middle lane.

Since tomatoes of this hybrid variety have some predisposition to top rot, it is advisable to immediately add a certain amount of fluff lime or any other calcium-containing fertilizer to the soil during transplantation.

For 1 sq. m. no more than 3-4 bushes of this tomato are planted.

Follow-up care

The main requirement for a good harvest of hybrid tomatoes The Tsar's temptation is correct and timely pinching. In the southern regions, these tomatoes are two-stemmed. In the north, it is better to limit yourself to leaving one stem, since all the others may simply not ripen. However, in a greenhouse, you can try to grow these tomatoes in two stems. Tying tomatoes of this variety to the trellis is mandatory.

Top dressing is produced by:

  • After planting seedlings in the ground - with any complex fertilizer;
  • During flowering and the formation of ovaries - a solution of boric acid (10 g per 10 l of water) and calcium nitrate (from the top rot);
  • If desired, you can still use the ash solution for watering and spraying during the pouring period.

Watering should be regular, but not overly abundant. To preserve moisture in the soil and protect against weeds, it is advisable to use mulching with organic matter: straw, sawdust, peat, a layer of 3-4 cm.


Tomato Royal temptation is attractive from many points of view. Its yield, decent taste, disease resistance put it on a par with the most popular varieties of tomatoes.

Reviews of tomato Tsarskoe temptation

Oksana Ryabushko, 38 years old, Borovsk

The Tsar's temptation was such a seductive advertisement about tomatoes that I could not resist and bought a bag of seeds. Of the 10 pieces, all sprouted, but then they did not have enough sun outside the window, and the lamp for plants burned out. In general, only 3 pieces survived. But on the other hand, they began to grow very actively, and already in April I planted them in a greenhouse, covering them with an additional film. The harvest was excellent. I took a total of about 8 kg of tomatoes from each bush. The tomatoes taste good too, but I mostly turned them on for spinning. They are very beautiful in banks.

Elena Severogorskaya, 45 years old, Perm

This summer I grew a hybrid variety of tomatoes called Tsarskoe temptation for the first time, but I really liked them. Very good seed germination, although there are few of them in the package. They behaved very unpretentious in seedlings. They didn't stretch too much. I grew them in a greenhouse, fed them three times with organic matter for the whole season - the harvest was very impressive. Such powerful beautiful brushes of elastic tomatoes. Leaving was required to a minimum. Of course, they had to be tied up, since they were stretched out to the ceiling. But they didn't really hurt anything. Although I treated them only once with calcium nitrate both for feeding and for the prevention of apical rot.

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