Smokehouse cold smoked Dym Dymych: reviews, models, photos

Smokehouse cold smoked Dym Dymych: reviews, models, photos

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It will not be a big secret that home-made cold-smoked products in terms of aroma and taste cannot be compared with purchased meat and fish treated with chemical flavors, not to mention raw materials. Therefore, you need a good apparatus, for example, a cold smoked smokehouse Dym Dymych with a set of accessories. Well, the result of smoking fully depends on the ability to handle the smokehouse.

Smoke Dymych amazes with its simplicity and reliability

What does a cold smoked smokehouse Smoke Dymych look like?

Experienced smokers who process meat and fish products argue that the apparatus should not be too complicated, with many technical details and adjustments, and of course, a good product cannot be obtained in a tank as primitive as a zinc bucket. There must be a reasonable compromise, and from this point of view, Smoke Dymych, a cold smoked smokehouse with a smoke generator, may be a good solution to the problem.

Structurally, the apparatus consists of four units:

  • The smoke generator is a metal glass with a lid up to 30 cm high. Judging by the reviews, the smoke generator for cold smoking Smoke Dymych is the main part of the apparatus. The quality of the smokehouse depends on how correctly it is possible to set up the operation of the smoke generator;
  • Low pressure air blowers, with its help, the smoke generated by the generator is supplied directly to the smokehouse chamber. Manufacturers call it a compressor in the instructions, in fact, it is a regular aquarium aerator. The device is quite simple, very reliable and capable of working in cold smoking mode for days on end;
  • Cabinet or tank for cold processing of products with smoke. The capacity can be selected depending on the model, from 32 to 50 liters.

Important! The lid of the removable chamber of the smokehouse is fixed by pressing the side edges on the cabinet of the smokehouse. Smoke Dymych has a lot of slots and holes, so you need to be prepared for the fact that during operation, smoke and the resulting liquid will pour out of all the cracks.

In general, Dym Dymych is a cold-smoked household smokehouse, so you should not count on huge productivity. Masters advise to do otherwise - to select the optimal load volume for each product separately and accordingly adjust the smoke flow, load level and sawdust burning rate.

Work principles

To understand exactly how a smokehouse works, just look at the diagram below.

There is no need to try to change something in the device, the device only needs to be configured

The cold smoker is started according to the following procedure:

  • A raw product is suspended in the smokehouse chamber, hooks can be used, but most often for cold smoking meat, fish or cheese have to be tied with twine on horizontal diameters;
  • We fill the smoke generator with chips, alder or cherry, preferably of the same size, 8-10 mm and always dry. Close the lid and turn on the air supply from the compressor;
  • After the smoke comes out of the silicone hose, we put it on the fitting at the bottom of the smokehouse chamber.

Depending on how intensively the process of processing products with cold smoke should go, we regulate the air supply from the compressor to the smoke generator. If the product has already been pre-heat treated, one of the two transparent tubes can be removed. The amount of smoke will be less, and the emission process will take at least two times.

Advice! A small hole of 8 mm in the lower part of the body is provided for lighting wood chips in the smoke generator. It takes a lot of practice to light material with matches, so for beginners it is best to use a burner or a regular lighter.

When working with a smokehouse, the length of the main plastic pipe of falling water into the chamber remains unchanged. But in winter it will need to be shortened at least threefold, otherwise the smoke temperature may fall from the calculated 40aboutFrom to 8-10aboutC. In the best case, the Smoke Dymych smokehouse will have to be driven twice as long, in the worst case the product will be completely and irrevocably spoiled.

The product will have to be hung on hooks or garters

What can be smoked

There is no limitation on products that can be processed in Smoke Dymych. In a smokehouse, fish, loin, bacon, ham, cheese can be cold smoked with equal success.

The only thing that you need to pay attention to is the compatibility of the product with the smell of tar, since a lot of it is released, and part of it remains on the surface. For example, ham and cheese in the Smoke Dymych smokehouse must be dried before they can be served or sent for storage. Fish and meat are wrapped in paper, which removes excess moisture and strong odors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each of the Dym Dymych models has its own positive sides and small shortcomings. Of the general advantages for all smokers in this series, the following can be cited:

  • A simple device for a cold smoking chamber, even a person without experience can figure out how to operate the Dym Dymych apparatus, adjust the smoke generator and select the mode;
  • High reliability of the design, there is practically nothing to break in it;
  • Long service life;
  • The smoking room, if necessary, can be disassembled into parts and packed in a box.

Thanks to the simple device Dym Dymych, you can always add your own idea or rationalization to the design. You can use the standard design of a smokehouse or build on its principle an analogue of Smoke Smoke, but of a larger size and performance.

There are also negative aspects, for example, for the operation of the smokehouse, electricity is required, since without it the compressor will not be able to supply air. The supercharger is designed for a voltage of 220 volts, so there is no question of using the car's battery.

In addition, from our own practice and reviews of the cold smoked smokehouse Dym Dymych 02 B, specific operational problems can be noted:

  • The presence of horizontal pins inside the smoking chamber is not very convenient for installing products, and in some cases even limits the placement of large fish, large pieces of fillets and loin;
  • During the operation of the smoke generator, a large amount of volatile compounds, tar and tar are released. Due to the lack of additional cleaning filters, all this settles inside the smokehouse.

If you process foods with a high moisture content in the chamber, for example, salted fish or pickled meat, then a huge amount of resinous water with tar will remain inside the Smokehouse.

All this flows onto the table on which the camera is installed. Accordingly, at the end of the process, the inside of the cold smoking cabinet has to be thoroughly washed out of plaque for a long time before removing the Smoke Dymych smokehouse for storage.

Popular models

Smokehouse manufacturer Dym Dymych offers chambers in two material options - from black steel painted with hammer paint, this is series "01", and more expensive models with a stainless steel body - series "02".

For those who need to process large volumes of products, the manufacturer offers a cold smoked smokehouse Dym Dymych UZBI. Unlike conventional models, this device uses a more powerful compressor that provides twice the air volume, the capacity of the smoking cabinet is 50 liters. You can smoke large pike, catfish and even a ham without cutting into pieces.

Smokehouse of cold smoking Smoke Dymych-01

At first acquaintance, the 01 series models are not particularly impressive in appearance, and this is understandable. The manufacturer did not particularly pursue decorative external data and tried to make the product practical and easy to use. Accordingly, the price of Dym Dymych “01” series is almost two times lower than that of stainless steel counterparts.


The letter index in the marking of the cold smoker means a large volume, in this case the smoke smoke smokehouse is equipped with a cabinet of 45-50 liters. The weight of the box is 5.1 kg, which allows you to carry the cabinet without any problems, even in a summer cottage or a suburban area.

The external paintwork can be done with hammer paint or white enamel, this does not affect the operation of the smokehouse, since the temperature inside the cabinet does not exceed 40aboutEven at full load.

The standard smoke generator is made in the form of a cylindrical welded body with a diameter of 114 mm without a protective coating inside. The cover is secured with a wing nut.

Important! In order to ensure a reliable air supply, a steel spring is installed inside, the coils of which do not allow chips to stick together.

Therefore, it is undesirable to lose the details of the smokehouse. Each element performs a specific function, without which the quality of combustion clearly deteriorates.


The smokehouse of cold smoking Smoke Dymych 01 m is a modification of the previous model, the only difference is that the volume of the cabinet has been reduced to 32 liters. Accordingly, the weight has decreased from 5.7 kg to 3.2 kg.

Model 01M

This greatly simplified the work, since the dimensions of the smoking chamber now allow you to install Smoke Dymych directly on the table in the kitchen or on the veranda.

Smokehouse of cold smoking Smoke Dymych-02

A distinctive feature of the 02 series is the use of food grade stainless steel for the manufacture of the cabinet and generator. On the one hand, this is a good marketing ploy, as the polished mirror surface attracts attention and creates a positive impression of the exterior. On the other hand, polished metal simplifies the maintenance of the device, it is much easier to remove soot and tar traces from the polished surface, it also improves control over the sanitary condition of the smokehouse.


The smoking chamber of the second series with an index is made in a volume of 50 liters. Unlike “01 B”, in which the shape of the cabinet is made in the form of a square prism, “02 B” has a rectangular body, which provides a more stable position, especially if you have to work in the field.

In addition, the set includes a mount for fixing the compressor on the front panel of the cabinet and rack, which provides a normal stable position even on an unprepared ground area.

In general, the weight of the smokehouse smoke smoke 2 series b turns out to be slightly higher than that of the analogue from the “01” line. According to reviews, a cold smoked smokehouse smoke smoke 02 B is considered the most optimal option for those who prefer to smoke and salt fish directly on a fishing trip or at their summer cottage.


Smokehouse cold smoked smoke smoke 02 is a copy of 1 series, but made of stainless steel. It also has a prismatic body and the same air supply system, in general, the design does not differ with any problems, and due to its compact size, it is ideal for home, even apartment cooking of smoked fish and meat products.

Model selection rules

It can be assumed that when designing a cold smoking smokehouse, the manufacturer divided the models into two categories. Therefore, you need to choose in accordance with the planned load and goals:

  • Large series 1 and 2 models can be used as a cold smoker for harvesting and processing fish in quantities of at least 10-15 kg per day. In this case, the difference between hammer paint and stainless steel is not so important, most often the customer is given the opportunity to choose the decoration option that he likes best;
  • Small-sized models of smokehouse smoke smoke of both series, intended for use in apartments and houses for the preparation of small portions, no more than 2-3 kg. If necessary, a small box no more than 30 cm high can be easily hidden on the mezzanine or on the balcony.

Modified version of model 02B

When buying a Dym Dymych device, first of all, you need to pay attention to the tightness of the covers, both on the cabinet and on the smoke generator. If the smoker is made with scrap and large gaps remain, then most of the hot air and smoke will escape, thereby reducing the efficiency of the appliance.

The second point to which attention is paid is the quality of welding of the smoke generator itself, often under the paint there are cracks of uncooked metal. Over time, the paintwork will burn out, and the generator will siphon smoke in all directions.


Smokehouse cold smoked Dym Dymych is the simplest version of this type of apparatus. The design does not include fashionable and not always safe electrostatic systems for air and smoke blowers. On the one hand, this significantly reduces the price of a cold-smoked smokehouse, on the other hand, it makes smoke smoke safer and more reliable in operation.

Reviews of the cold smoked smokehouse Smoke Dymych

Maksimov Sergey Valentinovich, Taganrog:

I have been cold smoking fish and meat for quite a long time, almost two decades. I had to buy ready-made smokehouses, and also did it myself. If we evaluate smoke smoke, then this is the only device that can be started and not approached for 6-10 hours. Well, as with all simple things, you need to adapt to it, catch your mode of operation, then there will be no problems, there is simply nothing to break.

Sergey Alexandrovich Naratsky, Moscow:

I bought Smoke Dymych, as they say, on the occasion, for a penny. On a day off, idleness came up with the idea of ​​trying to smoke sausages, meat and ham for beer. We tried three different recipes with friends, and everything worked out. True, the chips had to be bought separately, experiments with home-made cutting of alder branches ended in failure. Therefore, the sawdust must be dried, as they say, to cod, otherwise the Smoke Dymych will not work, the products are obtained with a watery-bitter aftertaste.

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