Kombucha and blood pressure: benefits and harms for hypertension

Kombucha and blood pressure: benefits and harms for hypertension

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Kombucha or medusomycete is poorly studied. Scientists do not even know the exact chemical composition and the number of compounds that make up the drink prepared from it - kombucha. But recently, research has been actively carried out. Kombucha is gaining popularity and has shown good results in the treatment of many diseases. Kombucha affects blood pressure and can lower it, but it is not a substitute for medication.

This is how the body of a kombucha and a drink from it look like during preparation

Does kombucha affect blood pressure

Medusomycete is a symbiosis of yeast and acetic acid bacteria. When interacting with a nutrient solution sweetened with tea or tea made from a small amount of tea, it turns it into a complex of substances useful for the human body.

Kombucha contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, alkaloids, sugars, organic acids, lipids and other compounds. Kombucha lowers blood pressure due to its content:

  • theobromine - an alkaloid that dilates blood vessels and has a diuretic effect;
  • Lipase, a water-soluble enzyme that plays a critical role in the breakdown of fats (overweight is often the cause of high blood pressure);
  • vitamin B2, which improves metabolism;
  • theophylline - an alkaloid, a mild diuretic with a vasodilator and bronchial dilatation property;
  • gluconic acid, which activates metabolic processes;
  • a routine that strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • calciferol, which regulates metabolism.

Important! The first 3-5 days of cooking, kombucha breaks down sugar, the kombuche contains mostly wine alcohol and carbon dioxide, which are not beneficial to the body. The drink becomes healing no earlier than on the fifth day, when it begins to release organic acids.

Kombucha increases blood pressure or lowers

Kombucha lowers blood pressure, but cannot replace a complete treatment. It has a tonic and strengthening effect on the body, helps to lose weight, which is very important for hypertension.

Kombucha cannot increase blood pressure if it was cooked only with tea leaves and sugar. Therefore, it is not recommended in its pure form for hypotonic patients.

How to drink kombucha with high blood pressure

A young drink made of kombucha, carbonated, with a winey aftertaste, is considered by many to be the most pleasant. But it does not bring benefit to the body. You can talk about some medicinal properties of kombucha not earlier than after 5 days. Sometimes you need to wait 10 days. It depends on the age of the kombucha, the quality of the water and the brew, the amount of sugar, the temperature and light in the room.

Important! The time while the jellyfish lay at the bottom of the jar is not included in the cooking time.

The fact that the drink has acquired medicinal properties is signaled by the smell - it becomes not wine, but vinegar, not too pleasant. After a few days, the kombucha will need to be drained into a separate container and placed in the refrigerator - you cannot overexpose it either.

Kombucha drink is best prepared in a 3L jar


Kombucha, which has been infused for 8-10 days, is useful for hypertension. It is best to use a green leaf infusion. To enhance the effect, kombucha is mixed with herbal infusions, and honey is added to make the taste more pleasant. Sometimes medicinal plants are added at the stage of preparation of the drink.

Traditional recipe

Kombucha prepared according to the traditional recipe acts the mildest of all from pressure. The finished drink is diluted 1: 1 with boiled water. Drink 3-4 times a day for 0.5 cups.

Kombucha on a marshmallow

The marsh kombucha infused with dried crushed milk is useful for hypertension at the initial stage:

  1. 130-140 g of herbs are poured over 2 liters of boiling water overnight.
  2. In the morning, the already cooled infusion is filtered.
  3. Sugar syrup is added.
  4. Gently add to the jar of kombucha.
  5. When the smell begins to give off vinegar, the infusion is poured into a clean dish and placed in the refrigerator.

Drink 3-4 times a day for 1/3 cup. Kombucha, added instead of tea leaves, lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels, and slows down the heart rate.

Kombucha with bean infusion

In the chronic course of hypertension, a mixture of the same amount of kombucha and an aqueous extract of dry bean pods will help. If high blood pressure is accompanied by headaches, you can put a compress moistened with a solution on your forehead.

With dill seeds

A mixture of equal parts water infusion of dill seeds and kombucha will help breastfeeding women suffering from hypertension. The drink, in addition to reducing pressure, soothes, improves lactation.

Admission rules

Kombucha does not lose its properties in the refrigerator for about 3 months, but it is better to drink it warm. You can heat kombucha right before drinking - this is okay for a finished drink.

The infusion of kombucha diluted with herbs is drunk 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day. Pure kombucha can be taken in 100 g and 200 g.

A drink diluted with water or herbal infusion becomes less tasty. It is useful to add honey to it, especially when treating pressure.

The therapeutic effect is not achieved in one go. To normalize blood pressure, you need to drink a drink from kombucha for 2 months.

Kombucha drink should be diluted with water and drunk no more than 1 glass

The time of reception is of great importance. The main rule is not to combine the drink with food. The enzymes it contains will "help" the food break down so quickly that a person will soon feel hungry. Accepting kombucha:

  • 60 minutes before meals;
  • 2 hours after a meal of plant origin;
  • if there was meat on the menu, the waiting time is doubled.

Some sources advise drinking the infusion of jellyfish on an empty stomach and immediately before bedtime. Indeed, then the healing effect will be powerful.

But people suffering from high blood pressure cannot afford such liberty. Their body is weakened, the vessels are fragile, often arteriosclerosis is present as a concomitant disease. In addition, hypertension is often an age-related disease. It is better to be treated gradually, not to "lash" the body.

Is it possible for kombucha to hypotonic

In its pure form, kombucha does not increase pressure. People who are hypotonic are not recommended to drink it at all, and kombucha cooked on a green leaf is prohibited.

Medusomycete drink in small doses can be taken by young people with low blood pressure if they feel well and their condition is not at all painful. Age-related hypotensive patients can drink a little kombucha with black tea during the period of remission. Diluted 2 times with boiled water, a maximum of 1 glass per day, not on an empty stomach.

Limitations and contraindications

Undiluted, you can drink only the infusion of jellyfish, prepared for 3-4 days. It has no medicinal value, but it will not bring much harm either. It's just a delicious tonic drink.

It is absolutely impossible to take kombucha for diabetics, people with stomach ulcers in the acute stage, especially with high acidity. During the period of remission, a black tea drink is allowed, diluted with water at least twice, always with the addition of honey (in the absence of obesity).

In case of high acidity, honey should be added to kombucha.


Kombucha affects blood pressure, lowering it, but cannot cure hypertension, it is used only in combination with medications. To enhance the effect, it can be prepared on a green leaf, medicinal herbs, or diluted with water infusion.

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