Entoloma rough-legged: photo and description

Entoloma rough-legged: photo and description

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Rough-legged entoloma is an inedible species of the Entolomov family. It grows in coniferous and mixed forests in small families. Since the mushroom contains toxins, it is necessary to know its external data so that it does not accidentally fall into the basket and does not cause food poisoning.

What does Entoloma rough-legged look like?

Rough-legged entoloma is an inedible representative of the mushroom kingdom. In order not to harm yourself and your loved ones, acquaintance with Entola Shershavonozhkova must begin with a description.

Description of the hat

At an early stage of growth, the mushroom has a small bell-shaped cap. With age, the surface acquires a hemispherical shape with a slight elevation in the center. The hat is covered with a thin dark brown skin, which changes color to light coffee in dry weather.

The pulp is fragile and dense, colored to match the color of the cap. When broken, an unpleasant odor appears. The spore layer is formed by rare plates that partially grow to the pedicle. In young specimens, they are snow-white, then turn pink, acquire a light brown color by old age.

Important! The species reproduces by angular spores, which are located in a pink spore powder.

Leg description

The leg of the species is high, 9-16 cm long. It is covered with light coffee scales, darkening towards the bottom. The pulp is fibrous with an unpleasant odor and taste.

Is the mushroom edible or not

Rough-legged entoloma is a mushroom that is not eaten. The pulp contains toxins, so it can cause food poisoning if eaten. In order not to harm health, you must have an idea of ​​the appearance and know how to provide first aid in case of poisoning.

Poisoning symptoms, first aid

Symptoms of intoxication with the use of entoloma roughfoot:

  • nausea;
  • weakness;
  • vomiting;
  • rapid breathing;
  • pain in the epigastric region.

Important! With severe poisoning, the temperature rises, bradycardia appears.

When the first signs appear, you must immediately provide first aid:

  • call a doctor;
  • provide the patient with a horizontal position and release from embarrassing clothing;
  • create fresh air access;
  • provide an abundant drink;
  • give the poisoned person adsorbents and laxatives.

Where and how it grows

In Russia, this species is extremely rare. It can be seen among deciduous and spruce trees, in sunny glades, among berry bushes. Grows in small groups, rarely single specimens. The species begins to bear fruit from July, it lasts until the first frost.

Doubles and their differences

Entoloma rough-legged has a poisonous twin. Spring is a small species, dark brown in color. The cap is small, hemispherical in shape, the leg is thin and long. It prefers to grow in groups in temperate regions. Begins fruiting from the end of May, lasts until mid-July. The mushroom is inedible; when eaten, it causes mild intoxication.


Rough-legged entoloma is an inedible species that grows in small families in mixed and coniferous forests. In order not to make a mistake in your choice and not to harm your health, you should not collect gifts from the forest related to this species.

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