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Raspberry Meteor

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Raspberry Meteor is a product of the painstaking work of Russian breeders. An early variety with excellent characteristics, which opens the "raspberry" season in the country. A universal berry.

Very good fresh and prepared. In order for the Meteor raspberry variety to meet all your expectations, you must first familiarize yourself with its biological characteristics, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. This analysis will help you grow a good harvest of Meteor raspberries without much hassle. After all, if the plant is comfortable in the soil on your site and the climatic conditions suit, then the result will be excellent. In the article we will pay attention to various issues. For example, the external signs that the Meteor raspberry has, a description of the variety, photos, reviews and an educational video.

Description and characteristics of the early variety

Raspberry meteor, the description of the variety of which is important for gardeners, was bred when crossing representatives of medium ripening periods. But the berry itself belongs to the early and gives the start to the raspberry season.

The bushes of the popular Meteor variety are medium-sized, erect and powerful. The height of one plant reaches 2 meters. For the season, each bush of raspberry Meteor forms 20-25 meter-long shoots. The plant can be grown without a garter.

The tops on the shoots of Meteor raspberries drooping and with a slight waxy bloom. The thorns are few in number and not dangerous because they are thin and short.

The main attraction of the Meteor raspberry is its berries.

Although they have an average weight (2-3 g), their shape is original blunt-conical. Good care and favorable climate allow the berries to reach a weight of 5-6 g each. The color of the fruit is bright, red, and has a pleasant dessert taste. Having tried raspberry berries at least once, you will immediately want to plant this variety.

The main valuable characteristic of the Meteor raspberry for gardeners is its unpretentiousness. After all, summer residents love to plant crops that do not require special growing conditions and too careful care.

What other benefits does Meteor raspberry have?

Of course, winter hardiness and resistance to the usual diseases of raspberries. The plant winters well without shelter. Of course, in regions with a harsh climate, it is better not to risk it.

Among the disadvantages of the variety, there is a susceptibility to attacks by spider mites and shoot gall midges. And from the diseases, raspberries of the Meteor variety are unstable to overgrowth and purple spotting.

Separately, it should be noted the characteristics of the yield. Raspberry, the variety of which belongs to early ripening, is distinguished by friendly ripening of berries. Therefore, many farmers grow Meteor for sale.

The first ripe raspberries can be tasted in mid-June, and if you are lucky with the weather, even at the beginning of the month. The pulp is dense, so the raspberries tolerate transportation well.

Planting and the nuances of growing

Raspberry Meteor belongs to varieties with a good degree of self-fertility, but summer residents use a reliable way to increase the number of ovaries. They simply plant other raspberries of the same maturity side by side to ensure pollination. Simultaneously with the amount of harvest, the quality indicators of berries also increase. Meteor is a raspberry variety that tolerates winter well. Therefore, seedlings are planted equally well in spring and autumn. But gardeners have observed that spring planting is more successful. Plants planted in spring outpace those planted in autumn.

Raspberry Meteor is planted in pre-prepared holes. Some people prefer to plant in trenches, the depth and width of which is 35 cm. The size of the planting holes is 30x30 cm. Gardeners grow the Meteor variety in a bush method or in rows, depending on the area of ​​the site and personal preferences. The dimensions of the row spacing withstand at least 1.5 - 2.2 meters, and between plants when bush planting - 0.75 cm, when planting in rows - 0.5 cm.

Important! At the time of filling the root system of the seedling with earth, make sure that the roots do not bend up.

Once the planting of the raspberries is complete, the plants are watered immediately. With an ordinary planting method, 10 liters of water are consumed per 1 running meter. For a single plant, 6 liters is sufficient.

After watering, the land is mulched. For raspberries, it is good to use peat crumbs, compost, mowed grass or rotted manure. The thickness of the mulching layer is at least 5 cm. The final action will be to cut the seedling to a height of 25-30 cm.

Now young raspberry bushes require attention. Watering is necessary especially in the absence of natural precipitation. For 1 sq. m raspberry need 3 buckets of water. If the watering rates are not maintained, then the berry becomes smaller, the yield and sweetness of the fruit decreases. In subsequent years, for Meteor raspberries, watering is mandatory at the beginning of flowering bushes, during the period of active growth of shoots.

For good development and fruiting of Meteor raspberries, you need food.

Organic matter is introduced into the soil once every three years. Proportions - 5 kg of substance per 1 sq. m area. But mineral fertilizers for raspberries Meteor are used as follows:

  • ammonium nitrate is applied in early spring in an amount of 20 g;
  • foliar spraying with karbofos (10%) at the time of raspberry flowering and budding with a solution of 75 g of substance per 10 liters of water;
  • phosphorus-potassium compounds are necessary at the time of pre-winter preparation.

Raspberries of the Meteor variety respond well to nutrition with organic infusions of chicken manure or slurry. After infusion, the formulations are diluted with water. In the first version 1:10, in the second 1: 5. Any feeding is combined with watering for better dissolution and assimilation of elements.

Preparation for winter consists of bending the shoots to the ground and sheltering.

Important! This event must be carried out before the onset of frost, otherwise the plants will break easily.

Caring for raspberry bushes in subsequent years consists in:

  • timely watering;
  • feeding;
  • preventive treatments for diseases and pests;
  • preparing for winter.

It is imperative to loosen the aisles, as well as get rid of weeds.

The Meteor variety also has small disadvantages that should be noted:

  1. If the height of the shoots is over 2 meters, you will need trellis for tying.
  2. The variety does not like return frosts, in which the root system of the plant can be seriously damaged.

The rest of the raspberry completely suits summer residents in their parameters.


Pavel Kinichev, Yurga

Last year, I ventured to switch to commercial cultivation of the Meteor raspberry variety. Previously, it was stopped by the fact that the size of the berries is small, and the yield is normal. But I didn’t regret it. Watering was regular, the pests were not annoying, preventive treatments saved from the fight against diseases. Other varieties of early raspberries are planted nearby. This gave a significant increase in the yield. And the fruits turned out to be quite large and fragrant. So the experiment was completely successful.

Tatiana Onicheva, Novosibirsk

I love raspberries in any form. But for freezing, I opened the Meteor variety. Of course, we also eat fresh berries. But I didn't have the best for freezing. The jam is sour and requires sugar. Cultivation does not cause much trouble. It grows up to 2 meters, I do not tie it up. I cover it for the winter, we have strong frosts. In the spring, the main thing is to prevent the shoots from icing, this leads to the death of the bushes. But the variety also propagates by cuttings. I like that! Otherwise, it is a very successful variety, I recommend it.

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