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What to plant strawberry varieties

Friends, hello! I want to renew strawberries in the fall, what varieties to buy? I want a big and sweet. But we need strawberries, not strawberries.


Look for the Cardinal variety, I didn’t eat better.

Search online stores?

Do you have any nurseries in the city? or in garden shops? I wrote out several years from the online stores of several companies and was disappointed in them. Better buy from yourself. 90% does not correspond to the variety and while the package is in progress, the seedlings are dying. My opinion about berries is, the larger the berry, the tasteless it is.

Strawberry is a common name. Garden strawberry is called.

In the nurseries. Garden stores.

Go to the market in season, try it, take the phones and mustache, buy what you liked

Natalia, this year I updated the whole strawberry. In the summer, I bought grannies from the grannies with glasses and asked what grade, if I liked, planted seeds in February and bought bags in bags in the store, also grew seedlings and planted 5-6 bushes and put tags. In the garden store I also bought 5 pieces in glasses, but it’s expensive with us. From my strawberry, from a good bush I’ve got a mustache.

Look here, in spring there will be a purchase from Europe again, virus-free, healthy seedlings and 100% compliance with the variety, seedlings of very good quality this year came

Yesterday I was specially on the market, one grandmother was selling, even the variety does not know, and no one else is selling. There are no fruit receivers.

Then seeded.

Oh, I'm scared to plant something with seeds, okay. Then we'll see. May have to plant.

This is for sure the variety was, if there are no nurseries. But there is nothing scary, Julia has a video, everything is detailed.

Take a look at what varieties your garden neighbors have, so it’s easier for you to navigate in your area or buy seeds and sow, don’t be afraid, it’s interesting.

My neighbors have lush gardens, soon we will bury the slate in the entire garden along the perimeter, from the day before.

It's a pity of course. But ordering in online stores is like 50 to 50. Now we talked with a neighbor, that year tulips were prescribed from five varieties ordered only two correspond, the company, the garden world. ” Then you can really sow yourself.

Good luck then.

Yes, probably have to.

Thank you, too.

Planting seeds - torment, I have Queen Elizabeth of 10 seeds 6 sprouted, one remained at the moment, it’s even scary to plant in the ground.

Lord Large and sweet. Upright strong flower stalks. I bought two glasses in the market. After 2 years, a whole garden. I bought other varieties in online stores. I type in the search engine the desired variety, select the IM and write out.

Of the old varieties, the festival is good, the berry is large, sweet and ripens exactly first all the green then turns white, pinks and blushes the whole berry.

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