Tomato 100 Pounds: characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato 100 Pounds: characteristics and description of the variety

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The variety "One hundred pounds" should be referred to the category of unusual tomatoes. This original name most clearly demonstrates the peculiarity of these tomatoes: they are very large and weighty. Their shape resembles a huge drop or a small rag bag filled with something very heavy. Photos of such unique tomatoes and the main characteristics of the "One Hundred Pounds" variety are proposed later in the article. For everyone interested, we will also try to give recommendations that will help you successfully grow amazing tomatoes with your own hands.

Detailed description of the variety

The variety of tomatoes "One hundred pounds" has recently become available to domestic gardeners. It was included in the State Register only in 2013. But in just a few years, this amazing variety of tomatoes gained popularity and became the favorite variety of many farmers.

Description of the plant

The variety "100 poods" is indeterminate, characterized by a long fruiting period. Its bushes grow constantly, and only unfavorable weather conditions can cause the completion of this process. It is possible to grow a variety of tomatoes "One Hundred Pounds" in open beds only in the southern regions of the country. In the central and northern regions, it is recommended to grow tomatoes in greenhouses, greenhouses. It is also worth considering that it is in a greenhouse that the variety demonstrates its record yield.

Throughout the cultivation of tomatoes "One hundred pounds" must be correctly formed by removing the side stepsons. In the process of formation, only one stepson can be left, which will eventually become the second fruiting branch.

In open ground and in a greenhouse, the “One Hundred Pounds” tomatoes do not have time to completely give up the entire crop, so many farmers pinch the top of a powerful tall bush a month before the end of the summer season. This allows you to direct nutrients not to the growth of additional leaves, but to the ripening of existing vegetables.

Indeterminate bushes in greenhouse conditions can grow up to 2-2.5 m. In open areas of the soil, their height, as a rule, does not exceed 1.5 m. On tall shoots, fruiting clusters with 3-5 ovaries are actively formed. It is recommended to partially thin out the few leaves of tomatoes to optimize the distribution of nutrients and as a preventive measure against the development of diseases.

Tall bushes of tomatoes "One hundred pounds" require careful garter. Moreover, not only the long stems themselves should be fixed on the support, but also the fruiting brushes, which can break under the weight of the tomatoes.

Characteristics of vegetables

Tomatoes of the "100 poods" variety have an amazing characteristic. They have a unique shape that is unlike anything else. Some experts argue that the shape of these tomatoes is teardrop-shaped, in many reviews it is characterized as pear-shaped. You can estimate the real shape of the “One Hundred Pounds” tomatoes in the photo below:

Large tomatoes of this variety weigh about 200-300 g. Their characteristic feature is the presence of pronounced longitudinal ribs located over the entire surface of the fruit. Ripe tomatoes have a bright red, very appetizing color. The skin of tomatoes is quite thin and tender. When fresh tomatoes are consumed, it is barely noticeable. The flesh of the tomatoes is firm and fleshy. There is practically no free liquid and seeds in the inner cavity of the vegetable.

Important! The delicate skin of a 100 pood tomato reliably protects it from cracking.

When you cut a tomato, you can see the spread of a bright, fresh aroma. It stimulates the appetite of everyone in the vicinity. Having tasted the pulp, no one will be disappointed, because a large amount of sugar and a low percentage of acidity makes the tomato very, very tasty. And is it worth noting that with such characteristics of taste, the tomato variety "One Hundred Pounds" is a salad and is recommended for preparing fresh dishes.

The rather dense pulp and low content of free liquid makes it possible to successfully cook pasta from tomatoes, however, it is unlikely that it will be possible to juice from such vegetables. The taste of tomatoes after canning retains its uniqueness, but, unfortunately, large tomatoes will have to be cut into several pieces to put them in a jar.

Important! Tomatoes variety "One hundred pounds" contain an increased amount of sugar, lycopene, carotene.

Variety yield

The variety "100 poods" has a short ripening period. So, to obtain a massive harvest of vegetables, about 110 days must pass from the moment the first green shoots appear. Also, the number of transplants and the speed of adaptation of plants to new conditions affects the ripening period of tomatoes.

It is recommended to grow tomatoes in seedlings. Seeds are sown in the ground in early April and, at the age of 45-55 days, seedlings are planted in a greenhouse or garden bed. In just a month you will be able to taste the first ripe tomatoes. In general, the yield of plants of the "One hundred pounds" variety is quite high and amounts to about 6 kg / bush or 20 kg / m2.

Important! It is possible to plant “100 poods” tomatoes no thicker than 3 bushes per 1 m2 of soil.

Disease resistance

Tomato variety "One hundred pounds" has a high resistance to harmful microflora. The plant's genetic protection allows a good, abundant and environmentally friendly crop to be grown without the use of chemicals. It is important to remember that if certain rules of cultivation are not followed, the invasion of diseases and insects cannot be avoided. We will try to recall only some of the important nuances of growing "healthy" tomatoes:

  • Before planting tomatoes, the soil should be disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • The greenhouse should provide for normal air circulation.
  • Weeding, loosening and mulching the soil, removing excess foliage is an effective measure in the fight against the development of diseases.
  • As a preventive measure in the fight against fungal diseases, you can use the spraying of plants with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Timely inspection of plants will allow you to fight insects in the early stages by mechanically eliminating them.
  • Some folk methods can effectively fight diseases and pests, while maintaining the quality and environmental friendliness of vegetables.

Thus, it is not worth relying only on the genetic resistance of tomatoes to various diseases, because only a set of measures will surely preserve the health of plants and crops.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The characteristics and description of the “100 pounds” tomato variety does not allow us to talk about any obvious shortcomings. The need to form and tie up a bush is perhaps the only nuance that can cause certain difficulties in the cultivation process. The rest of the tomatoes "One hundred pounds" are characterized only by positive qualities:

  • stunning appearance and taste of vegetables;
  • high productivity;
  • short period of fruit ripening;
  • unpretentiousness to growing conditions;
  • good disease resistance.


For all its simplicity and unpretentiousness, “One Hundred Pounds” tomatoes have an excellent taste and aroma that leaves no one indifferent. These tomatoes are irreplaceable in a salad, they make a very thick, interesting sauce, and even after canning they remain unique. Anyone who has at least once tasted the “One Hundred Pounds” tomatoes will certainly want to grow them on their own in their garden, so that at any time there will be an opportunity to feel this excellent taste again.


Olga Kononova, 34 years old, Chelyabinsk

Tomatoes "100 poods" ripen very quickly in the summer and literally immediately come to our table in the form of a salad. They are really sweet, tasty, aromatic. We eat them with pleasure with the whole family.

Ekaterina Pavlova, 29 years old, Kazan

I "spied" these interestingly shaped tomatoes from my friend, and last year I decided to grow them in my garden. I did not have any difficulties, the harvest pleased me. Of course, preserving such larger vegetables is inconvenient, but for a salad "100 poods" is the best option.

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