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Those who wish to grow tasty, large bell peppers on their land should pay attention to the Red Bull variety. This large-fruited hybrid has an excellent pulp taste, juiciness, high yield and other advantages. Pepper "Red Bull" is grown in central and southern Russia on open ground and in greenhouses, greenhouses. The variety has general rules and some cultivation features, which can be found in the article given.


A distinctive feature of the hybrid is the huge fruit. Its length is about 20 cm, the average weight is 200-250 g. However, in some cases the weight of peppers reaches 400 g. The shape of the vegetable is elongated cylindrical. Its color before the onset of technical maturity is green, upon reaching ripeness it is bright red. The walls of the pepper are thick, up to 10 mm. The inner cavity has 3-4 chambers with a small amount of seeds. The surface of the fruit is glossy, covered with a thin, delicate skin. You can see the photo of the Red Bull pepper in the photo below.

The taste characteristics of the "Red Bull" variety are excellent: the pulp is juicy, sweet, aromatic, moderately dense. The microelement composition of pepper includes a large amount of vitamins of group B, C, P, PP, as well as a complex of mineral salts, which makes the vegetable not only very tasty, but also useful.

Peppers are consumed fresh, canned, as part of culinary dishes. Often, the vegetable is included in the dietary food menu. It is recommended for people suffering from diabetes mellitus, diseases of the gastrointestinal system, hypertension and some other ailments.

Features of agricultural technology

Pepper variety "Red bull F1" is grown by seedling method. Seeds for seedlings are recommended to be sown in March. They should first be germinated by placing them in a humid environment (wet cloth, gauze) with a temperature of + 25- + 270C. Seeds hatch after 5-10 days, after which they are sown. The soil for growing seedlings should be loose, nutritious. To create it, you can mix garden soil with peat, humus, sawdust. If necessary, a ready-made soil composition can be purchased at a specialized store. Small plastic or peat pots can be used as containers for plant cultivation.

Important! Sawdust used to prepare fertile soil must be pretreated with urea.

After emergence, the peppers should be placed in a less warm environment with a temperature of + 22-230C. At the same time, the seedlings are demanding not only for temperature, but also for light conditions. Therefore, experienced gardeners "illuminate" young plants with fluorescent lamps. The optimal light period is 12 hours a day.

Watering young plants should be done regularly as the soil dries out. Top dressing is recommended every 2 weeks. As a fertilizer, you can use special complex compounds containing nitrogen and potassium.

It is possible to grow peppers of the "Red Bull" variety in open and protected ground. At the same time, the use of a greenhouse or a greenhouse allows you to accelerate the fruiting process and increase the yield of the crop. You can dive peppers into a greenhouse in early May; for open ground, the best time to plant plants is early June. The age of the seedlings at the time of picking should be 45-55 days.

The bushes of the Red Bull hybrid are vigorous, spreading. Their height reaches 1 m. Therefore, as soon as young plants have taken root, they must be formed by pinching the crown of the upper shoot. In the process of growth, small stepchildren are removed on the bush, leaving 5-6 main fruiting branches.

The soil around the perimeter of the trunk should be periodically weeded and loosened. In this case, it must be remembered that the roots of the peppers are located in the upper layer of the soil at a depth of 5 cm from the surface of the earth. This is why deep loosening, which can damage the roots, should be avoided. Mulching loose soil will help prevent the active growth of weeds and excessive drying out of the soil.

Mass ripening of peppers of the "Red Bull" variety begins in 110-125 days from the day of sowing the seed for seedlings. In this case, the first peppers can be tasted a few weeks earlier.

On each plant of the "Red Bull" variety during the period of active fruiting, from 20 to 30 large peppers can form at the same time, so the bush must be tied up. For this, you can use a trellis.

Pepper "Red Bull" receives numerous positive reviews from experienced farmers, who respect this variety not only because of the excellent taste of large fruits, but also because of its high yield. So in open ground conditions from 1 m2 you can get 7-9 kg of vegetables. When grown in a greenhouse or greenhouse, this indicator can be increased to 12-15 kg / m2... A photo of the Red Bull pepper and reviews about it can be seen in the above article.

Important! Pepper of the "Red Bull" variety is indeterminate and produces fruits until the onset of cold weather.


The hybrid is loved by many gardeners. They also often exchange experiences and reviews about the Red Bull pepper, post photos of their successfully grown crop and shoot a video showing the cultivation process. So, you can see the real crop of peppers and hear first-hand reviews of the farmer on the video:

The Red Bull pepper deserves special attention from experienced farmers and novice gardeners. It enables each of them to get a rich harvest of tasty, large peppers without much effort and special knowledge. Harvesting red vegetables from this hybrid will not only be delicious food, but also a natural source of vitamins and minerals. The high yield of the variety allows you to feast on fresh vegetables throughout the summer and in the winter in canned form.

Antonina Krivulets, 61 years old, Makhachkala

For several years in a row I have been growing only Red Bull peppers. Vegetables will be very large, juicy, tasty. We eat them with the whole family throughout the summer and prepare winter delicacies. For those who have never tried growing this variety, I advise you to try it. There are no difficulties with the plant, minimal care is enough to get a rich harvest.

Taisiya Petrovskaya, 48 years old, Ulyanovsk

I "spied" the variety of peppers from a neighbor, and decided that I would certainly try to grow "Red Bulls" in my garden. Unfortunately, I do not have a greenhouse on the site, so the seedlings dived into open ground in early June. Plants have taken root without problems. I watered them regularly and fed them with infusion of cow dung (about once every 2-3 weeks). The bushes grew very tall and leafy, so the small shoots and lush foliage were periodically removed. The first crop was tried in mid-June. The peppers grow large, juicy, very tasty and aromatic. On each bush, 5-10 pieces ripened at the same time. The plant bore fruit until mid-September. According to rough estimates, I collected 3-4 kg of vegetables from each bush during the season. So, my experience of growing peppers "Red Bull" was successful. Next year I will definitely sow it.

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