Cabbage Brigadier F1: description, planting and care, reviews

Cabbage Brigadier F1: description, planting and care, reviews

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The Brigadier cabbage is a hybrid of a white vegetable. A distinctive feature of the variety is that it is stored for a long time in the beds, counters and in household supplies. Cabbage is more often used in processed form, although it is also suitable for the fresh market.

Brigadier is a fast-growing hybrid

Description of cabbage Brigadier

In the autumn and winter markets, white cabbage is often found, which differs in appearance and taste from the usual one. A hybrid called Brigadier weighs about 3.5-6 kg, rounded-flattened, closer to green in color. The Brigadier cabbage is grown in the summer-autumn season, the growing season being 110-120 days.

Attention! Cabbage hybrid Brigadier F1 is famous for its storage duration both in the field in the beds and in the master's reserves.

The positive characteristics of the variety are its resistance to diseases and pests. Yields are usually good even when growing conditions are disturbed. It is noted that this variety is best used for processing, i.e. starter cultures.

It is noteworthy that cabbage sprouts in open and closed ground. However, if it is necessary to get the harvest early, gardeners prefer indoor cultivation. The foreman's root system is well developed.

The shelf life of this variety is up to 5 months. Cabbage Brigadier rarely succumbs to such ailments as cracking and fusarium.

Advantages and disadvantages

Speaking about cabbage of the Brigadir F1 variety, its advantages and disadvantages should be noted. You can immediately say that it has practically no drawbacks, except "in taste and color."

The advantages of the Brigadier include:

  • heads of cabbage do not crack;
  • considered resistant to fusarium;
  • tolerate temperature extremes;
  • the yield is stable;
  • long storage time;
  • a light weight;
  • easy transportation;
  • fresh and processed use;
  • strong root system;
  • the ability to grow ahead of time;
  • unpretentiousness.

It can be said that there are no drawbacks, although buyers sometimes note that the taste of this hybrid differs from ordinary white cabbage, and the foliage is too dense. It is reluctantly used fresh, giving preference to more juicy varieties, and the Brigadier is actively used in cooking and sourdough.

Cabbage yield Brigadier

Gardeners often use the so-called crop rotation rule. It consists in not planting the same product on the same land every year. In the case of cabbage of the Brigadir F1 variety, planting is carried out after cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots or potatoes have been grown in that place.

The Brigadier variety is unpretentious and gives a large harvest

Attention! The foreman is sown again on the same land once every 4 years.

It is not advised to plant this hybrid after the cabbage of other varieties has been harvested.

The harvest promises to be on time if the Brigadier is planted in April. And 3 weeks before collection, the watering process is stopped. Despite the fact that cabbage can stay in the beds for quite a long time, you should not delay harvesting, otherwise, during frosts, the crop will lose the quality of long-term storage in stocks. Cabbage with cabbage is harvested, and the heads of cabbage with defects are not kept together with whole ones and are used first. Instances for storage are placed under a canopy for a day and only then the stump is cut off, leaving three leaves. The crop is stored in a dark, cool place, but it is not allowed to freeze, since the air temperature should not be lower than 0. If the temperature regime and high humidity are observed, the crop is stored for about 5 months from the date of harvest.

Planting and caring for Brigadir cabbage

The hybrid Brigadier is sown by seedling on the soil where cabbage of this or another variety has not grown for 4 years. Therefore, it is recommended to plant it in the places of other vegetable crops, for example, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Although the Brigadier variety is called unpretentious, compliance with the rules and conditions for its cultivation will ensure healthy, juicy and tasty specimens. At the same time, it is important to purchase quality seeds, so it is worth buying them in specialized stores.

Disembarkation is carried out in the spring, around April. But first, the seeds are planted in shared containers for germination. The fertility of the soil is taken into account, preparing it in advance using humus, ash and turf. Immediately before the start of the sowing process, the seeds of the Brigadir variety cabbage are dipped in warm water for a quarter of an hour. After that - in the cold. Or you can soak the seeds for 3 hours in Epin, then rinse thoroughly in cold water. Such manipulation will help protect future plants from fungus. A growth stimulant can be used. After sowing the seeds, the plant is provided with greenhouse conditions, i.e. covered with a film. The first shoots can appear in less than a week. When 2 pairs of leaves sprout, a pick is made in the peat vessels.

Attention! Brigadier cabbage loves fresh air, but does not welcome drafts.

For the best result, it is worth feeding the cabbage.

It is important to provide this hybrid with long-term solar contact, for about 15 hours a day. Gardeners favor the use of fluorescent lamps.

Watering is carried out weekly, however, when the air temperature becomes more than + 24 ° C, it is increased up to 3 times a week. It is important not to overflow the beds so that the roots do not rot.

Feeding is carried out:

  1. 10 days after planting - with organic fertilizer (compost, humus), 400 g of fertilizer is applied under each bush.
  2. Phosphorus is used during the formation of inflorescences - in order to obtain denser fruits.
  3. Using saltpeter during fruiting to increase yield and weight.

Diseases and pests

Cabbage of the Brigadier F1 variety is famous for its unpretentiousness, endurance and resistance to changes in the external environment. It is noted that changing the amount of watering does not harm the crop. Changes in temperature, including sharp frosts, are not terrible, the plant tolerates such phenomena persistently.

Attention! The Brigadier hybrid is one of the less disease-prone cabbage varieties.

Gardeners pay attention to the fact that the Brigadier is well resistant to fusarium. Fungal diseases are reduced by seed pretreatment. Also, in order to avoid infection with diseases or parasites, gardeners carry out preventive treatment of plants. The beds are regularly cleared of weeds and loosened up after watering to provide air for the roots and prevent midges from appearing. From aphids, beetles are treated with the drug "Oxyhom" weekly.

If, during the harvesting process, some specimens were injured or grew incorrectly, they are stored separately, and also used in the first place.


As already noted, Brigadier cabbage is used in any form. Sourdough is preferred, but it is suitable for salads, hot dishes, soups, etc.

The Brigadier hybrid is more often used in sourdough than in fresh salads.


Brigadier cabbage is one of the most resistant varieties to diseases, pests and weather changes. It is used in cooking fresh, thermally processed, as well as processed (sourdough). It is unpretentious in cultivation, usually gives a large yield, it is stored for many months.

Reviews about cabbage Brigadier

Mishin Sergey Sergeevich, 63 years old, Kolomna

For several years I have been growing cabbage Brigadier. It is not difficult, the main thing is to provide stable watering, lure, weed. It's as simple as with other vegetables. But there are fewer problems with the Brigadier, he has never been ill, he does not have to handle anything like that. I think it is important that it can be stored for almost six months. It is delicious in salads and in soup, and is irreplaceable in sourdough. I recommend it to beginner gardeners.

Frolova Yulia Mikhailovna, 46 years old, Podolsk

For three years I often go to the village to visit my relatives, I persuaded to plant this cabbage once, now they are only engaged in it. I watered it once a week, loosened it, removed the weeds - in a few months there will be enough cabbage for the whole village, and even take it to the city. At work, my colleagues are waiting for me to bring the pickled Brigadier from the village, it turns out very tasty!

Stepanov Andrey Vasilievich, 52 years old, Ural

I have been growing cabbage for a long time. For the last 5 years I have been experimenting with hybrids. Some, by the way, burst when ripe, while others grow rough. About the Brigadier not to say bad, he is also good because you can achieve early maturation, literally in a matter of months. If you grow it for sale, then you can sell it for six months, and it is not inferior to fresh varieties in taste. It's easy to grow, eat tasty, and profitably sell. Good grade.

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