Tomatoes with carrot tops

Tomatoes with carrot tops

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Tomatoes with carrot tops is an original recipe for canning vegetables at home. The tops give tomatoes an unusual flavor that cannot be confused with anything else. This article provides several options for canning tomatoes with carrot tops.

How to salt tomatoes with tops: cooking rules

Not only the root crop, but also the carrot tops contain many useful substances. When canning, she transfers them to those vegetables to which it is added as a seasoning.

  • The green part of carrots has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It contains antioxidants.
  • It is useful for heart disease.
  • Promotes an increase in life expectancy.
  • It has a positive effect on the reproductive abilities of men and women.

In addition, tomatoes canned with carrot leaves have a new sweet taste.

Important! For canning, it is advisable to select only fresh green tops with short leaves, plucking them from plants that are not yet flowering.

Dry carrot leaves are also acceptable, they can be used when, for whatever reason, fresh carrot tops are not available. To do this, it can be prepared in season: collect, wash and dry. When canning, dry twigs should be taken 2 times more than fresh ones.

The first stage of canning tomatoes includes the preliminary preparation of cans and raw materials.

  1. Banks need to be washed with soda, held over steam and dried.
  2. Dip the lids in hot water and leave in it for a few minutes.
  3. Then you need to prepare the tomatoes: wash them under running water and put them in a separate container.
  4. If, in addition to carrot tops, spices are indicated in the recipe, they must also be washed and dried a little.

Pickled tomatoes with carrot tops: a simple recipe

This recipe, which is considered a classic, includes only tomatoes, carrot tops and granulated sugar. No other ingredients are used. Tomatoes are sweet and delicious.

List and preparation of ingredients

For a 3-liter cylinder you will need:

  • 2 kg of ripe tight tomatoes;
  • a bunch of carrot leaves;
  • 1 full glass of sugar.

Wash the tomatoes and tops and put them in a separate bowl.


  1. Lay fresh tops at the bottom of the container, lay the tomatoes tightly on top of it, one at a time.
  2. Pour boiling water over them and let it warm up for 15 or 20 minutes.
  3. Then pour the infused liquid into a saucepan, put it on the stove and bring to a boil.
  4. Pour sugar into the liquid, mix and pour the tomatoes with boiling syrup.
  5. Immediately roll up the jar lids and put to cool under the blanket.
  6. The next day after canning, they must be taken out to a cold room, where they will be stored.

Tomato recipe with carrot tops and spices

In addition to carrot tops, traditional spices can be used to flavor tomatoes, which are commonly used in vegetable canning. For example, hot peppers and bay leaves.

Warning! In this case, the tomatoes will turn out not only fragrant, but also more pungent in taste.

List and preparation of ingredients

To close tomatoes with carrot tops according to this recipe, you will need to take:

  • 2 kg of vegetables;
  • 5-6 leaves;
  • 3-4 leaves of laurel;
  • 1 large bitter pepper or 2-3 small ones;
  • several pieces of allspice peas.

To prepare the filling, you will need to take 50 g of salt, 2 times more sugar and 100 ml of ordinary vinegar on a 3-liter jar. Tomatoes should be ripe, but tight, so that they do not burst under the influence of boiling water. They need to be washed, the stalks of the hot pepper should be cut off and washed too. Steam and dry containers and lids.


  1. Pour spices on the bottom of the steamed jars and put the tops, put the tomatoes on top of them.
  2. Boil water on the stove and pour it into the tomatoes, cover the jars with lids.
  3. After 15–20 minutes, drain the liquid into a saucepan, bring it to a boil, add sugar and salt, at the end - vinegar, stir and pour over the canned tomatoes with this brine.
  4. Immediately roll up the lids with a key and put the cans, turning them upside down, under a warm blanket for about 1 day.
  5. After that, transfer them to a dark and cool place, in which they will be stored all winter.

Tomatoes for the winter with carrot tops, onions and celery

Tomatoes with carrot tops are tasty and with a peculiar aroma, if you add fragrant celery and spicy onions to it. Of course, not everyone likes the smell of celery, but you can still try to close several jars according to this recipe.

List and preparation of ingredients

For a can of 3 liters, you need to take about 2 kg of ripe tomatoes, 1 large or 2 medium heads of sharp onions, a bunch of carrot tops. Seasonings:

  • 1 large leaf of horseradish or a small piece of its root;
  • 3-4 celery leaves;
  • 5-6 peas of black and allspice;
  • 2-3 laurel leaves;
  • 1 tsp dill seeds.

For the marinade, you will need 50 g of salt, 100 g of granulated sugar, 100 ml of table vinegar for each cylinder with a volume of 3 liters.


  1. In prepared sterilized jars, put all the spices, onions, cut into quarters, and lay the tomatoes on top of the seasonings in layers as tightly as possible.
  2. Boil water and pour the jars under the neck.
  3. After settling for 15 minutes, drain it back into the saucepan and boil it a second time.
  4. Pour salt and sugar into the boiling liquid, pour vinegar a minute before removing from the heat.
  5. Stir and pour over tomatoes with brine.
  6. Cap and cover immediately with something warm.
  7. After cooling, transfer the jars to a cold and dry cellar or basement.

Pickling tomatoes with carrot tops, dill and garlic

Attention! Tomatoes canned according to this simple recipe acquire a classic flavor and aroma using well-known spices.

It can be recommended to everyone who does not like experiments, but prefers proven options.

List and preparation of ingredients

For a 3-liter jar - a standard container for canning tomatoes - you need to take:

  • 2 kg of tomatoes;
  • a bunch of carrot tops and green fresh dill;
  • 1 large garlic or 1-3 small ones;
  • 2-3 pieces of horseradish root;
  • 1 tsp dill seeds;
  • up to 10 peas of allspice.

For pouring, you will need to prepare a marinade: 50 g of table salt, 100 g of granulated sugar and the same amount of milliliters of vinegar.

Wash the tomatoes, carrot tops and dill, peel the garlic heads and divide into separate cloves. Prepare jars - hold them over steam and dry.


The process of canning tomatoes with carrot tops for the winter according to this option is no different from the previous ones.

  1. Put seasonings in jars, lay the washed tomatoes on them in layers.
  2. Pour boiling water over the vegetables and leave them to warm up for 15–20 minutes.
  3. Carefully pour the liquid into a bowl, add sugar and salt to it, boil and pour in vinegar 1 minute before removing from heat.
  4. Pour the brine over the vegetables immediately and roll up.
  5. Turn the cylinders upside down, cover them with something warm and remove after 1 day.
  6. After the jars have cooled, transfer them to a cool, unlit room.

How to preserve tomatoes with carrot tops for the winter

When canning tomatoes for the winter, it is permissible to use citric acid instead of the usual vinegar. It will give them a pronounced sourness, but get rid of the characteristic vinegar smell.

List and preparation of ingredients

A 3 liter jar will take about 2 kg of ripe tomato fruits, 5–6 medium carrot leaves, any spices to taste. For marinade pouring: salt - 50 g, 100 g granulated sugar and 1 tsp citric acid.


  1. Put the washed tops and seasonings on the bottom of the cylinders, on top of them - tomatoes and pour boiling water over them.
  2. Leave to warm up for at least 15 or 20 minutes, then pour the water back into the pan and boil.
  3. Prepare the brine: throw salt, granulated sugar and the last acid into the liquid.
  4. Cork the jars, put them upside down and cover with a warm blanket. When they cool, transfer them to a cold basement or cellar.

Terms and conditions of storage of canned tomatoes with carrot tops

Like other homemade products, canned tomatoes with carrot tops are best stored in a dark and cool place.

If there is no underground storage in the house, then you can leave the jars in the coldest room, where they can also be stored. But the shelf life in this case is reduced to 12 months.


Tomatoes with carrot tops taste different from those that are canned according to the traditional method. But, despite this, many will like them. To do this, you need to use one of the above options for preserving your favorite vegetables.

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