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Strongly damage dog feces to perennial flowers

Strongly damage dog feces to perennial flowers

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Hello! Will dog feces hurt my perennial flowers? Can transplant and rinse the roots? How to be I worry.


My girlfriend has 3 dogs (collies) on the plot and they “fertilize” all winter. In the spring she collects everything in a barrel, falls asleep with soil and plants flowers. So they bloom much more magnificent after such top dressing.

If the flowers are in pots, then they will hurt, and if on the flowerbed - just remove the feces.

Of course, a little off topic ... but our neighbors throw everything from their street toilet into a greenhouse where they grow tomatoes and cucumbers. Then the stench costs 3 weeks - you won’t go out into the yard! All this is terrible, but it grows there.

and eat themselves grown or for sale?

Earlier in life, “everything of one's own” was dug to a depth of half a meter and deeper, and a garden planted on top, the stench disappeared literally after backfilling (if everything was done carefully), and there were no other fertilizers ... your neighbors obviously lacked neatness (well, or muckiness) how to name

my neighbors, they still insist on their good with grass, and “fertilize” 2 times a month, so there you can generally not go outside for a week. And after that, they all eat from the garden. Brrr

I don’t get to the refinement, like “infusion”, but under the apple trees I regularly dig the toilet waste, the natural cycle will manage to process such wealth many times until it reaches the fruit))

give them a compost toilet book.

Apparently there are enough such shit-eaters everywhere, and not only I have such “smart” neighbors)))

Our neighbors regularly throw their guano under raspberries. Zadolbali. It’s especially nice when guests come to us, yeah.

Oh, youth ... you don’t understand anything! ))) Manure does not fertilize the gardens, shtol? All chemistry and chemistry? Well, well ... and then the queues in polyclinics. Seversky penguin writes correctly!

You can not fresh. We have everything in the compost first from a bucket, covered with sawdust or mowed grass. There is no stink. No flies. And in a year or two it’s already humus.

remove the poop from the flower and that's it! rinse anything inappropriately.

samm eat. We bought a house 2 years ago and in the same year they treated us with their tomatoes, and later we watched this picture. Now we try not to remember that “treat with a piece of the neighbors themselves” :)))

everything around grows on shit. The entire fertile layer is shit. The only question is the degree of decomposition.

here I am about too. Mullein or bird droppings is one thing, and it’s another when they pull their shit out of the cesspool lamas around the site. And it’s okay, only this infection themselves would eat, because all the neighbors are suffocating.

hmm ... you have strange neighbors .... directly they have non-waste production

You can also have your own, but you must first compost it - then there will be no smell and parasites.

it’s one thing to fertilize with manure or bird droppings (they eat all natural), and it’s another human thing to eat chemical garbage and drink it with beer.

How harmful are the dog poop that are lying on the roadway. Our neighbors opposite us set up a booth with a dog, not in their yard, but on the other hand they don’t clean up after it. The roadway is narrow. It’s impossible to talk to them, it’s a scandal. . We have a small child. Maybe not the point, but this is a cry for help.

Yeah, especially natural chickens are fed ... (((google at your leisure, ask who and what they feed. (

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