Short and thick carrots

Short and thick carrots

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To date, there are a large number of varieties of carrots on the market intended for cultivation in our conditions. All gardeners are interested in resistance to viruses, diseases, high productivity and excellent taste. Every summer resident dreams of finding the same variety or hybrid that he would like to grow from year to year. Let's try to deal with this issue and look at some of the popular varieties and find out why they are good.

General description of carrot short

All varieties of short carrots share several qualities, although this cannot be said unequivocally:

  • early maturity or mid-maturity;
  • juiciness;
  • sugar content;
  • short storage period.

Of course, it is better to disassemble each variety separately, but it is the small fruits that ripen quickly; a longer, dense and large carrot is characterized by a longer ripening period.

More and more often, our gardeners give preference to early and mid-season varieties, realizing well that she cannot lie for a long time.

Important! Early ripening varieties, even if the storage conditions are observed, cannot lie for a long time, they must be eaten as quickly as possible.

Short roots are tender, have a beautiful color, crunchy. Many of them have interesting shapes. This will be seen from the photographs provided. Our list includes the following varieties and hybrids:

  • "Karotel";
  • "Parisian";
  • "Mother-in-law";
  • "Rondo";
  • "Stupitskaya";
  • New Kuroda;
  • "Nantes";
  • Minicor;
  • "First collection";
  • "Mars";
  • "Children's taste";
  • "Shamare";
  • "Yaskrava";
  • Losinoostrovskaya.

Description of varieties of short carrots

The maximum length of the varieties presented is 15 centimeters. Let's compare them with each other and look at the fruits in the photo. This will allow those who have never grown the varieties presented below to make a choice.


An excellent popular short carrot variety with a blunt tip. On average, its length reaches 10-12 centimeters. In addition, the yield is very high (6-7 kilograms per square meter), and the taste will not leave anyone indifferent.

Carotel carrots are mid-ripening, ripen within 100-110 days; when sowing, the seeds are buried. The variety is very persistent, it is not afraid of flowering, shooting. Despite the fact that the carrot is short, has a small size, its flesh is firm, the roots are heavy, reaching 160 grams.


"Parisian" is not just a short carrot. The variety has a unique rounded shape. Root crops are small, beautiful.

They are very juicy, tasty, sugary, they can be used for processing and fresh. It will be especially interesting for children to eat them, you can try to plant a variety only for the sake of those children who flatly refuse to eat carrots. Root crops do not crack when ripe, they have an orange color, which indicates a high content of carotene. Due to the low weight, the yield will be 2 kilograms per square. Another plus is ultra-early maturity.


This is an early ripe hybrid that is demanding on the fertility and looseness of the soil. Of course, you need to grow it in sunny areas on the south side of the house. The hybrid is resistant to carrot fly infestation, which is very much appreciated. Root crops are small in size, but have sufficient weight, so the yield can reach 9.5 kilograms. The hybrid is early maturing, its use is universal both fresh and after processing.

The hybrid is somewhat picky about the soil and its fertility, however, these requirements are standard, for the summer resident there will be no difficulties in the growing process.


Rondo short carrots are another bright and interesting type of round shape and bright orange color. The photo shows what interesting fruits can be obtained when grown.

The variety was bred in the Czech Republic, and the seeds are distributed mainly from a Czech agricultural company. When ripe, the roots do not crack and do not lose their presentation. The pulp is tender, juicy and quite sweet; it is eaten both fresh and after processing. She is not threatened with shooting, and ripening will not exceed 85 days.


Short carrots have only one drawback - it is better to eat them as soon as possible, but "Stupitskaya" must be stored for two weeks. Its core is thin, the flesh is juicy, crispy and sweet. When sowing, the seeds are slightly buried in the soil. Growing conditions are standard, can be sown both outdoors and indoors. The ripening period does not exceed 98 days. Sowing in open ground can be done as early as April.

"New Kuroda"

The hybrid, bred by Italian breeders, has a beautiful conical shape. They are firm and the flesh is tasty and aromatic. It is customary, depending on weather conditions, to sow seeds in open ground from March to May. The hybrid is resistant to flowering. Despite the fact that the variety is early maturing, it can be stored for some time in a cool place, where the roots stand firmly. The yield is high, and the use is universal.


Perhaps one of the most popular varieties in Russia. Beautiful, smooth and with excellent taste. She has one of the highest yields, which reaches 9 kilograms per square meter. The ripening period is 70-84 days from the moment the first shoots appear. The carrots are crispy, tender and very juicy. It is customary to use this carrot immediately, especially since its use is universal.


The increased carotene content gives the carrots a bright orange color. So the Minicor hybrid has brightly colored roots. They are very similar in appearance to the "Nantes" variety, and this can be seen from the photo. Aside from their physical resemblance, they are similar in cultivation and use. The yield is high, reaching 9 kilograms per square meter.


Short carrots "Shamare" are also well known to many gardeners. Its average length is 12-14 centimeters. Despite this, the root crops are very heavy, which is why the yield indicator increases when harvesting fruits. They can often be as high as 500 grams. The variety is medium late, the harvest will have to wait from 4 months or more, which many do not like. The use is universal, the fruits are tasty and rich in vitamins. Another plus is that "Shamare" is stored for a very long time.


A special variety of short carrots "Yaskrava" is represented by beautiful root crops, even in length, which ripen completely immersed in the soil.

You need to use it for diet food, for baby puree, juices. When ripe, the fruits do not crack, the culture is resistant to flowering. The purpose of this variety is due to the fact that this carrot is very tender and juicy. It is consumed immediately after collection and is not stored for a long time, but the variety must be stored subject to the conditions. The requirements are not so much for the soil as for regular watering. "Yaskrava" does not tolerate drought well. The yield is very high, it ripens in 70-120 days.

"First collection"

This early ripening variety of short carrots grows well in the open field and produces a yield of 6-7 kilograms. We draw your attention to the fact that the root crops have a high presentation. All this in a complex way allows you to grow such varietal carrots on an industrial scale.

It is highly regarded by nutritionists as it contains a large amount of carotene. At the same time, the pulp is very sweet and juicy. The variety is considered mid-season.


An early ripe hybrid that reaches maturity from the moment the first shoots appear in 90 days on average. It is very resistant to external influences, including some cold snap, resistant to flowers. One of the ten sweetest hybrids on our market, if a high concentration of sugar is important for someone. Thanks to these qualities, Mars carrots can be stored well and can be used in any quality without restrictions. The planting scheme and growing conditions are standard, it is not considered particularly demanding. At the same time, the yield can reach 6.5 kilograms with sufficiently light and small root crops.

"Children's taste"

Tapered carrots with a sharp tip are considered standard. This variety is loved by many gardeners for its brightness, juiciness and unusual crunch. Hence the name, according to which the children will like the fruits. It ripens in a maximum of 90 days, which allows it to be classified as an early maturing variety. It is best stored frozen, often used for juices and preservation. Fresh carrots will delight the whole family. Seeds sprout together, harvesting can also be done at the same time. Landing requirements are standard.


This mid-season variety keeps well. He is considered to be quite famous in Russia among summer residents. If the growing conditions are close to ideal, the yield will be very good, and the yield will be 7 kilograms or more. These are high rates. Short carrots of the Losinoostrovskaya variety are well stored all winter, sometimes they are grown for salads. It is necessary to plant seeds by slightly deepening them into the soil, which must be loose.

Most importantly, the varieties described above have high taste, they are not devoid of sweetness and juiciness. All of them are rich in vitamins, which is very important, because during the period of autumn and winter, many products become unavailable to us, which causes the risk of vitamin deficiency.

Problems when growing carrots

Speaking about varieties of short carrots, it should be noted that sometimes summer residents plant varieties in the soil, and by autumn they get unsightly short and thick roots. This problem should not be confused with the varietal characteristics of the fruit.

Not only does it grow ugly, it also tastes absolutely unsuccessful. What is the reason? This question, alas, is often asked.

As a rule, there may be several reasons for this:

  • an excess of manure, which does not like carrots anyway;
  • the seeds were planted too often (you should follow the sowing pattern);
  • damage from a carrot fly, which is terrible for many varieties and hybrids;
  • abundant excess watering;
  • improper cultivation of imported imported varieties.

As for watering, you need to take into account the specifics of the vegetable crop: for growth, the root crop deepens into the soil in order to find as much water as possible. If watering is excessive, the carrots will stop growing, they will begin to get fat, which will ruin their appearance.

Advice! If the carrots are planted too often, it is not necessary to pluck them out for thinning. It is enough to cut off the green growth and growth will stop.

Short and thick carrots with deformities are obtained in those beds where the soil is compacted. Do not forget that carrots love loose soil, they must breathe in it. If the fruit grows with difficulty, then you should not blame the bad seeds afterwards. And also take a look at the video below on how to grow this crop.

We hope that our tips will come in handy, and the yield of varietal short carrots in your beds will be high.

Watch the video: Allotment Diary: Harvesting the first Exhibition Show Carrots (August 2022).

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