How to build a do-it-yourself chicken coop for 50 chickens

How to build a do-it-yourself chicken coop for 50 chickens

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Many country house owners, as well as those who live in rural areas, prefer to make a living raising valuable breeds of chickens such as broilers. This option of earning is really not bad because meat and chicken eggs are products that are always necessary in any home and in any kitchen. Thanks to such work, you will be able to provide your family not only with finances, but also with those products that you grow at home. However, to be honest, this type of work brings with it the difficulties that you will face. The first difficulty that you may face is that you will need to decide on the breed of chickens. The second of these difficulties may be the construction of a chicken coop. Why is it difficult? Because this room is made primarily for living beings, and in order for them to grow and develop normally, it is necessary to properly equip their home.

Most people prefer to raise no more than 50 chickens, so you need to build a chicken coop that can easily accommodate a given number of chickens. However, how to build a do-it-yourself chicken coop for 50 chickens? First, you need to decide on the type of chicken coop, whether it will be a small but compact coop or it will be a coop with wide and spacious rooms. Although this article will not present the drawings, thanks to which you could build a chicken coop, however, you can read tips that will help you do the job efficiently and in compliance with all the necessary requirements.

Competent calculation of the design of the chicken coop

In order to get eggs and meat in the hen house, it is necessary to create favorable conditions that facilitate this process. A high-quality and competently made chicken coop plays an important role in this. Such a chicken coop serves them as a shelter from cold winters, hot summer days, predatory animals, as well as a dining room and a home at the same time. During the construction of the chicken coop, all these points should be considered.

In order to make a chicken coop for chickens with your own hands, you need to follow simple instructions. Remember that the right chicken coop includes not only a place to sleep and feed, but also an area where the hens can walk. A significant drawback of such a number of chickens on the territory of their home is the unpleasant odor that is emitted from the feces of these birds. Therefore, you need to decide in advance on a place to build a chicken coop.

Advice! Build your chicken coop away from, or behind, living quarters so you can avoid odors in areas where it will be most noticeable.

Decide in advance on the size. When planning a place for a chicken coop, keep in mind that for 5-7 hens, an area of ​​at least one square meter is required. If you are still determined to build a chicken coop for 50 chickens, then the area that you need to allocate for it will be 10 square meters. For example, a chicken coop may have such dimensions - 4 m by 2.5 m. However, if you plan to raise individuals of several breeds, for example, broilers, then it is worth considering that for these birds one square meter for 5-7 chickens may not be enough.

In the photo below, you can see the project of a chicken coop for 50 chickens.

Due to the variety of building materials, you may be wondering which ones you need to build your own chicken coop. Also, a very important point is that the materials should not be very expensive because the chicken coop deserves less attention than such structures as a house or garage. Be attentive to what you read below and then you will be able to save a lot of money on building a chicken coop. Because every novice person in this business would like to build a chicken coop without investing large funds.

Materials (edit)

First of all, you should take the time to decide on the type of materials from which the walls will be erected. For example, you can use materials like this:

  • brick;
  • cinder blocks
  • wood (beams);
  • adobe;

Such materials are easy to buy for an affordable price, however, the materials listed above are not the only ones, because there are others that differ in price, durability, strength, frost resistance and many others. Many owners of summer cottages prefer to build a chicken coop with bricks, however, this building material has one significant drawback - it is not able to retain heat. Due to this phenomenon, in winter, the chicken coop will freeze through, which can lead to the fact that the birds will get sick and die. That is why a smart solution would be to make a chicken coop from wood, for example, from logs or other sustainable material.

Regardless of what material you choose for the construction of the walls of the chicken coop, you will need additional components, without which the construction cannot be fully completed. These are materials such as:

  1. Sand.
  2. Gravel.
  3. Armature.
  4. Boards, plywood.
  5. Insulation. Expanded clay.
  6. Wooden beams.
  7. Iron mesh.
  8. Sawdust.
  9. Roofing materials.

In addition to the materials listed above, you need to stock up on the necessary tools such as a level, trowel, tape measure, hammer, nails, and so on. And also remember that you need to make a scheme according to which the work will be performed, so that you can prevent reworking the work. And most importantly, the fact that you can make a chicken coop in the shortest possible time.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. According to a pre-made drawing, you need to make a markup. To do this, you need to drive in pegs or reinforcement at each of the corners of the building. Then you need to pull the fishing line around the entire perimeter and check the diagonals, this work is done using a tape measure. After you have rechecked the markings and made sure that the diagonals and corners are even, you need to drive the pegs into the ground one by one, at a distance of a meter from each other. These will be the future centers of the foundation pillars.
  2. The next step will be to dig holes half a meter wide by half a meter and the same depth half a meter. The holes must be dug in the places where the pegs were installed. Be careful to keep the distance between the grooves, and also make sure that the holes are parallel to each other.
  3. At the bottom of the holes, it is necessary to make a pillow by pouring sand. After that, it is necessary to make a mortar from cement, crushed stone, water and sand. The holes need to be filled up to ground level. After 2-3 days have passed and the mortar has dried, it is necessary to build up the posts to a height of 20-30 cm using bricks or other building materials. When building up the posts, use a level, so you can avoid unevenness.
  4. Cover the foundation with roofing material. If the roofing material is thin, then fold it in half. The next step is to install the first crown. In order for the material in the corner joints to be more durable, it is necessary to make cuts in half the thickness of the timber.
  5. Installation of sex lags. A bar with a section of 150 by 100 mm is installed on the edge, while maintaining a distance of one meter. For convenience in further use and floor cleaning, the beams can be installed on a slope. Further, it is necessary to lay a rough floor of boards on the fixed logs. On these boards, you need to fill the waterproofing layer of the film and fill the bars with a section of 100 by 100 mm, observing a distance of 70-80 mm. Later, the gaps between the beams must be sealed with insulation, and a wooden finishing floor must be filled on top.
  6. The walls of a hen house of this type are laid by the thorn-groove method. All joints should be packed with high quality linen or other insulation. Remember that the minimum wall height should be 190 cm. And after the walls are finished, trim the walls with lime, which will serve as an antiseptic. And after all the work listed above has been completed, you can do insulation.
  7. Use beams and planks to make an attic. After the ceiling is sewn up, it must be insulated, such work can be done using expanded clay. It is best to make a gable roof for a chicken coop, so you will have additional space for food and other accessories.
  8. Think carefully about what kind of fencing you want to make for the chickens, so that it does not take up a lot of space from you with its dimensions, and is convenient for walking and feeding the chickens. If you are raising broiler chickens, then remember that they need constant walking. A large chicken coop will be convenient not only for chickens, but also for the owners themselves, since they can easily turn around in it.

Chicken coop for 50 chickens photo:

When it comes to the inside of the chicken coop, you can do whatever is most convenient for you, however, remember that you must take care that the broilers have such devices as feeders, nests, drinkers and small poles, where they can spend the night. Place the poles on different walls and levels so the birds won't throw droppings on top of each other. Nests can be made from regular boxes lined with hay. For 50 chickens, only 10-15 nests will be enough. In addition, not all chickens will be carried, because in the hen house there will be roosters, which are raised exclusively for meat.


A do-it-yourself chicken coop for 50 chickens is quite simple. The main thing is to decide on the materials from which it will be built. After all, the materials should be not only cheap, but also reliable, as well as suitable for the birds that will live in it. We are confident that if you comply with all the above requirements, you will be able to make this building as quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, as comfortable for its residents. Now you just need to decide on the breed of birds, buy food and start making money on it. With proper care of these animals, you will have a good income, which is what we wish you.

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