Grapes "Lydia": features of the variety and wine recipe

Grapes "Lydia": features of the variety and wine recipe

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Grapes "Lydia" not in vain is pretty popular with many amateur winegrowers. It differs not only in stable and worthy crops, but also in a pretty decorative way.

The origin of the grape "Lydia"

The Lydia grape variety is a North American grape variety. Hybrid form (gf) is derived using the parent line Vititis labrusca and Vitis vinifera. Isolation occurred from seedlings belonging to the species V. labrusca.

Grade characteristics

The variety belongs to the category of universal. This variety is called differently by winegrowers. However, the most common names "Lydia pink", "Isabella pink" or Isabella Red. For some time, the variety was widespread in Ukraine and Moldova.

Biological description

The ripening period lasts from 150 to 160 days, which allows the variety to be classified as medium in maturity. Grape bushes of medium height. Brushes are formed of medium size. Their weight can vary from 0.1 to 0.2 kg. Bisexual flowers. Ripe clusters are conical or cylindrical, branched. As a rule, they have a loose structure, with low density.

Technical characteristics of berries

Fully ripened berries have a fairly small size, round or slightly oval in shape. The main color is dark red. The berries are covered with a very thick waxy coating, which has a lilac color.

Pulp with some sliminess and a pleasant strawberry aroma. The peel is quite strong, with average thicknesses, separated by a single bag. Taste is enhanced by prolonged storage on the vine.

When cultivated in areas with increased windiness, one should remember the tendency to weaken the fastening of berries on the stalk. Parameters of sugar content vary in the region of 18-19%, with indicators of acidity from 5.5 to 9.3 g / l.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Despite the lack of popularity, the variety deserves attention due to its advantages:

  • the vine ripens well enough;
  • frost resistance is -23-26 ° C;
  • the volume of fruitful shoots reaches 80%;
  • high resistance to diseases;
  • high and fairly stable productivity, more than 40 kg of berries from each grape bush;
  • it is well related to high humidity, and does not belong to the category of drought tolerant varieties;
  • the possibility of wintering in the southern regions without shelter.

Negative moments in the cultivation of this variety can be considered quite small sizes of clusters and berries, as well as a peculiar taste (for an amateur).

Grapes "Lydia": characteristics and care

Landing and care

The Lydia grape needs fertile soil, represented by chernozem or light loam. The optimum groundwater depth is at least 1.5 meters. In addition, it is important to observe the following requirements:

  • the landing place should have good lighting, protection from through cold wind or stagnation of cold air masses;
  • the distance between several bushes of grapes should be at least 80 cm, due to strong growth and a tendency to thicken;
  • the bottom of the landing pit should be equipped with a significant amount of fertilizer and fertile soil over five centimeters of small gravel;
  • planting pit is prepared a month before planting acquired seedlings;
  • Before planting, the root system of the plant should be placed in water with a growth stimulator for several days;
  • the root neck must be located above the surface of the soil;
  • on the north side of the seedling, a support in the form of a wooden or metal stake should be fixed.

Planted seedlings of the variety "Lydia" should be sure to water abundantly and mulch the soil around them. Further care includes top dressing, watering, weeding and timely pruning of the vine. When cultivated in the northern regions, vine bushes need shelter for the winter. To protect against phylloxera, spraying with drugs Actellik, Zolon or "Confidor."

Wine from grapes "Lydia"

Elegant semi-sweet wines "Lydia" have long been an example of traditions that are time-tested and have special characteristics.

Characteristics of the wine "Lydia"

For the production of table wine, grapes of the Lydia variety and other varieties of Vitis Labrusca L are used:

  • has a full taste and delicate aroma of strawberries;
  • standard strength is 10%;
  • sugar content - about 19%;
  • calorie content varies from 70 to 75 kcal.

Harmful properties in the form of the appearance of methanol or methyl alcohol are formed in the process of alcoholic fermentation.

Homemade Wine Recipe

To prepare high-quality wine from grapes of the Lydia variety, the following recipe should be followed:

  • collect completely ripe berries and sort them out, removing rotten berries, as well as twigs and garbage;
  • crush grapes using a special press or a conventional potato masher;
  • squeeze the juice, and pour the berry pulp with sugar and insist for four days, then strain;
  • all obtained grape juice should be placed in a clean as well as a dry glass container of a suitable volume;
  • about 75-80 g of sugar should be added for each liter of juice;
  • close the container with a water lock until the end of the fermentation process, which can last about 2-3 months;
  • after complete cessation of fermentation, the finished wine should be carefully poured into standard glass bottles.

Wine prepared in this way can be stored for no more than three years, subject to the storage temperature. In Europe, this variety has long been banned as a raw material for winemaking.

Gardeners reviews

Grapes of the Lydia variety, along with other honeycombs from this group, are characterized by unpretentiousness in care, high yields and immunity to most diseases dangerous to the vineyard.

This variety is most popular with winegrowers in the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine, as well as in Moldova. The variety is also very popular with Russian gardeners. Growing grapes "Lydia" is popular not only because of high and stable crops, but also as a decorative plant that can decorate garden arbors or pergolas.

How to make wine from grapes "Lydia"

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