Grapes of the hybrid form "Charlie": description and features of agricultural technology during cultivation

Grapes of the hybrid form "Charlie": description and features of agricultural technology during cultivation

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Grape "Charlie" even in very unstable conditions near Moscow gives a chance to get a harvest of delicious and juicy grapes. This variety is popular with both beginners and experienced growers in Central Russia.

Selection history

The parent pair of Charlie grapes was the Victoria variety and the Nadezhda-AZOS variety. The resulting high-yielding and promising variety belongs to the numerous collections of Russian amateur breeder E.G. Pavlovsky.

Grade characteristics

Charlie hybrid hybrid species belongs to the category of the earliest varieties that are in demand in growing conditions near Moscow.

Biological description

Bushes of a hybrid form are characterized by an average degree of growth. The standard ripening time can vary from three to three and a half months. The plant compares favorably with the formation of bunches very beautiful in appearance, the weight of which can vary from 600 g to 1 kg. Bisexual flowers.

Bunches can hang on a vine for a long time. Stable and long-term yield is a characteristic that makes this variety very popular among winegrowers. The plant is characterized by high resistance to high humidity, and the berries are practically not subject to decay, even in very rainy summers.

The shoots of the variety are distinguished by early and friendly ripening. The fruiting percentage is rarely less than 90%. Cuttings are stably successful, with a high percentage of rooting and stably fast adaptation. Steadily high productivity is successfully combined with resistance to defeat by the main diseases of vineyards.

Varietal feature of "Charlie" grapes is represented by its high degree of adaptation to external weather conditions. Many winegrowers have appreciated its acclimatization level, as well as its vitality and decent productivity, even in an unstable temperate climate.

Technical characteristics of berries

A hybrid table form of grapes of a very early ripening time is able to form large berries, oval in shape and unusual, almost black color. The standard weight with proper observance of care measures can vary from 8 to 10 g. The pulp is characterized by density, pleasant and harmonious taste, with subtle and barely perceptible notes of nightshade. The aftertaste is lost at the stage of full ripening of berries.

The skin is relatively thin and imperceptible when berries are fully ripened. Standard sugar values ​​can be about 17 or 19%. The determined acidity of berries does not exceed 8 g / l. This hybrid form is characterized by the formation of very beautiful and commodity bunches that tolerate all transportation processes very well. Berries are not prone to shedding and cracking.

Charlie: general information

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite some shortcomings, Charlie grapes have tangible superiorities to most varieties:

  • high and stable level of productivity;
  • a high-commodity bunch that is well transported;
  • the ability to cultivate both on personal plots and for commercial purposes, on large plantations;
  • the almost complete absence of the tendency of the variety to form small berries (pea);
  • guaranteed high yield even in conditions of insufficient compliance with agricultural measures;
  • at the same time a bunch ripening without cracking and wasp damage;
  • externally attractive clusters can have a length of up to 40 cm;
  • manifestation of high resistance to diseases;
  • fruit buds can easily tolerate late and fairly strong spring frosts;
  • indicators of stable frost resistance up to -24 C.

However, winegrowers should remember that a hybrid form of this type needs shelter for the winter. In addition, slightly less than 100% of the shoots are classified as fruitful, which requires rationing of productivity.

Landing and care

Planting "Charlie" is recommended in the spring, which allows the bushes to take root well and quickly. When planting, it is desirable to observe the distance between plants per meter, due to the need for high-quality development of the bush.

Standard care measures are to comply with the following cultivation measures:

  • weeding and removing weeds around grape bushes;
  • the use of preventive measures to protect the vineyard from damage by pests or diseases;
  • Compliance with the standard rules for pruning and forming the vine.

You should remember about the timely implementation of irrigation measures that will allow the plant to form high-quality and full-grown clusters. It is optimal to install a modern drip irrigation system for plants.

The location of the vines is observed at the level of all growth. A sufficiently high resistance to defeat by common fungal diseases does not require significant measures for protection and prevention from the viticulturist.

We also offer you to learn about the features of the grape variety "Gift Zaporozhye".

Gardeners reviews

Grapes "Charlie" from the selection collection of E.G. Pavlovsky has been grown by winegrowers for several years. The hybrid form occupies a leading position of increased resistance to disease damage. It has been noticed by grape growers that this grape variety bears fruit well even after a defeat in April frosts.

A uniform pollination of clusters is observed. Ripe clusters look very elegant and have high rates that are inherent in commercial or market grape varieties. "Charlie" is very transportable, and ripe berries practically do not crumble.

The vine always ripens very high quality and completely. Even in the conditions of overloading of bushes, ripening is delayed for only a week compared to control bushes with a normal load. The vine is always stably clean, without signs of disease or pest damage. With early ripening, the bunch hangs for a very long time.

Autumn pruning of grapes

Charlie grapes really deserve the attention of domestic winegrowers. It is such a hybrid form that can be recommended for cultivation by beginners and still not too experienced winegrowers. In addition, the plant of the described variety easily puts up with certain shortcomings in the implementation of care, allowing you to collect a rich harvest of beautiful and truly delicious berries.

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