Features of growing apple varieties "Ligol"

Features of growing apple varieties "Ligol"

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Apple trees of the Ligol variety were selected relatively recently. The variety was bred about forty years ago in Poland. As the parent material for the variety, Linda and Golden Delishes were used.

Today apple trees of the Ligol variety are widespread when cultivated for commercial purposes. Such plants are recommended for cultivation in relatively warm climatic conditions and the southern regions of our country. The variety described is especially popular with gardeners in Ukraine and Poland. In addition, in some southern regions of Russia, gardeners prefer the cultivation of the Ligol variety.

Grade description

Ligol trees are classified as medium tall. At the age of ten, fruit plants can reach a height of just over three meters. This type of fruit stands is characterized by the presence of a pyramidal crown with average densification.

The branches are located in relation to the stem at an angle of about seventy degrees. It is recommended to use a fusiform type of pruning in the process of forming the crown of plants.

The frost resistance of this variety is quite high. Apple trees have a high level of resistance to lesions by scab and powdery mildew, however, they are unstable to some wood diseases. The parameters of resistance to lesions with a bacterial burn are below average. Fruits resulting from improper storage can be affected by bitter fissures, as well as tanning of the skin.

The grade "Ligol" belongs to the category of early fruits. Fruiting begins in the third year of cultivation. Yields in this period are about five kilograms per tree. Very high rate of yield growth. The plant belongs to the category of mixed fruiting. The duration of flowering is from one week to ten days.

The variety is self-infertile. The most complete formation of ovaries is observed when using varieties for pollination Champion Arno, Golden Delishes, Vitos and Gold Rush.

The apple trees of the Ligol variety are among the ideal pollinators for many varieties. The plant is prone to periodic fruiting, which requires thinning of the thickened crown.

Apple tree "Ligol": grade description

Fruit characterization

The peel of ripened fruits is characterized by density, smoothness, the presence of a glossy shine. The main tone of the staining is represented by a greenish-yellow color, with the presence of a blush of a saturated, bright red color.

There are numerous subcutaneous points of light staining, which are clearly distinguishable. Assessment of external indicators is 4.8 points. The pulp of the fruit has a characteristic cream or light yellow hue. Pulp with sufficient density and the presence of fine grain. It is characterized by a crunch and a chipping type. Apples of this variety are very fragrant, have an excellent sweet taste with a pleasant and subtle sourness. Assessment of taste based on tasting is 4.6 points.

The fruits of the apple variety "Ligol" are recommended not only for fresh consumption. Such fruits are well suited for various types of processing. The indicators of high productivity, optimal endurance and undemanding to agricultural technology, together with high-quality qualities, allowed to classify Ligol as commercial.

Features of planting and care

Planting of seedlings can be carried out both in the spring and in the fall, before the onset of frosty weather, which will allow fruiting plants to take root and adapt to the growing place. Features of the variety involve the use of soil characterized by moisture capacity, breathability, fertility. As a rule, on the cultivation site, the presence of loamy or sandy loamy soil is assumed.

You should pay attention to the location of groundwater, as well as the degree of illumination of the garden plot for planting. The dimensions of the planting pit may vary slightly depending on the size of the root system of the planted plant and its age. The tendency of the plant to thicken the crown requires the timely implementation of forming pruning. Otherwise, plant care is standard and not difficult.

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Harvesting and storage

The fruits move to the phase of readiness for harvest in the last ten days of September. Achieving full consumer maturity is observed in early January. Ligol apples are characterized by high commodity rates. As a rule, ripened fruits are large or very large. The average weight of one fruit can reach three hundred grams.

Fruits are characterized by one-dimensionality and have a round conical very regular shape. In the area of ​​the calyx there is a ribbing and clearly distinguishable lateral suture. Apples of this variety have excellent transportability and good keeping quality. Standard storage periods last from early October to late March. The variety is described as suitable for long-term transportation.

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