Refined Geometry of French Beds

Refined Geometry of French Beds

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French beds are high beds of the correct geometric shape. Their creation is subject to strict symmetry. They are a quadrangle of the correct form or a circle divided by paved paths into equal compartments. In the central part of the building is placed "emphasis" in the form of a bench or sculpture.

Construction Features

The main feature is the neat arrangement of plants, taking into account colorization and floristry. At the same time, it is necessary to separate the beds with borders made of durable materials. It can be stone, metal or wood.

Such a peculiar decor of the site will be the best option for those who appreciate beauty and order.

You can do it yourself, but for this you need to take into account some nuances.

Layout Types

There are 2 types of decorative placement of beds.


In this case, high footprints are made - about 30 cm from the ground. The beds should be the same size.

The form may be:

  • diamond-shaped
  • rectangular
  • triangular

In total, four squares are arranged, which are connected into one large regular quadrangle.

A circle

It is divided into several beds. The boundaries go from the central part of the circle. They can be made in the form of paved or gravel paths. This option is convenient due to the fact that weeds will not appear between the beds.

In retro-styled gardens, you can use wrought-iron lattices to decorate the beds. In this case, openwork elements in fences are only welcome. Birds, plants, animals - all this can be embodied in forging.

Instead of any architectural elements in this case, you will have to use glass balls on sticks or a scarecrow.

If it seems to you that not everything worked out, distract attention to a bright detail. A large pot of medicinal plants - nasturtium or calendula - is well suited for this purpose. As a vessel, a large clay pot or an old bucket can be used, which, if necessary, can be painted with original patterns.

You can learn how to build a high garden in the country.

Choose a place

It is recommended to place French beds in the most prominent place of the site. In this case, the best option would be the performance of beds in a checkerboard pattern or in the form of a square.

Another point affects the choice of place. The layout depends on whether you intend to perform work on planting plants manually or will use special equipment.

Do-it-yourself French beds

What to plant: vegetables, herbs, flowers

You can land on the described form of garden design whatever you like.

The main thing is not to disturb the harmony of the garden. When choosing plants, pay attention to:

  • fruiting;
  • photophilousness;
  • the size;
  • flowering time.

Many prefer spicy herbs. But if you add radish and carrots to them, the garden will not lose its decorativeness, but just become a little more useful.

Add a bed of brightness will help planting undersized flowers and lettuce.

Vegetables look beautiful on the flowerbed. The best combination to place on the structure:

  • fennel;
  • beets;
  • flowers
  • curly parsley;
  • perennial onions;
  • garden quinoa.

From medicinal plants, choose:

  • hyssop;
  • calendula
  • lavender;
  • marigolds;
  • echinacea;
  • sage;
  • nasturtiums.

You can plant everything, the main thing is that the plant stands out as a bright spot, is healthy and well-groomed.

You can also learn about the best options for vertical beds and flower beds.

Important Nuances

  • Do not mix up annuals and perennials on the same bed. Otherwise, digging up annuals, you risk damaging the roots of other crops. The best option is to plant annual species along the edges of the beds.
  • "Aggressive" plants, such as mint, are grown by first separating them from other "neighbors". To do this, mint can be planted in a pot, an old box or separated using tin sheets.
  • When planting vegetables, they primarily pay attention to the soil. Then all other plants are driven to them. In order to care for them it was convenient, it is better to arrange the rows across.
  • Along the perimeter of the garden it is best to place fruit shrubs and plants. They will protect the French garden from the cold winds.

Spectacular Combinations

When planning geometric beds, it is allowed to mix different plants and cultures. So, hyssop can be planted on a plot with sorrel, beetroot feels good next to parsley, red cabbage does not mind settling with yellow marigolds.

What other options are worth considering?

  1. Against the background of pharmacy chamomile, blue cornflowers or red monard look great.
  2. An excellent option is to plant together sea cineraria, parsley, woolly purse, hyssop and oregano.
  3. Calendula or marigolds, carrots feel good with onions.
  4. Another good combination is sage with celery, fennel, dill.

A decorative garden bed is the best choice for those who value order in their garden plot and are ready to care for planted crops. The choice of plants depends on the taste and preferences of the host.

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