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Wooden arches in the country: types, purposes, stages of construction

Wooden arches in the country: types, purposes, stages of construction

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Wooden arches in the country house are not only decoration of the territory and the general exterior, but also practical structures for creating shade, growing plants, placing lighting fixtures and decor.

The creation of wooden arches in the summer cottage allows you to make the site much prettier and more practical, correctly place the light, let the climbing plants in the right direction, divide the territory. That is why such designs are becoming more popular day by day. How to make wooden arches of the most diverse purpose, we will tell you already in the next few paragraphs of the article.

Tree arches for plants

Clematis, grapes and even roses need a timely garter, which will give a chance to beautiful and useful plants to develop correctly. Thanks to the correct direction of the branches and the garter in an upright position, such plants will be able to constantly get the right amount of heat and sunlight, be aired and not rot from soil moisture. In addition, properly directed plants are always easier to prune, to form a crown or the density of branches and stems.

To make the above possible, many plants are tied to arches. We have already examined trellises, pergolas, simplest supports in our previous materials, and therefore today we are turning to creating arches with our own hands.

You don’t have to spend time and money, since the construction of an arch construction takes a minimal amount of material, which can be handled by a standard summer cottage tool.

So, we install a decorative and functional element at the entrance to the yard or at the division of the site. We choose logs, thick branches of old trees, sleepers, thick timber, for the main racks, in general, the material that most fits into the landscape design and suits your requirements.

The main racks are installed in the ground and concreted for stability and bearing capacity. Part of the racks, which is placed in the soil layer, must be treated with a lubricant or wrapped with roofing material for greater safety.

Now we form the upper part - the crossbar between the bases. It can be made carved or simple, because under the plants of all the beauty of the thread, it may not be visible.

From the arch in different directions, you can put up a fence or hedge, a stacked picket fence or wicker fence.

Decorative arches for a summer residence

Decorative wooden structures are more suitable for installation on a line of paths, on a lawn or dividing a site into certain zones. Their main role is not a support for plants, namely the decor and decoration of the site. Therefore, the arch should be made as attractive as possible.

For the construction, you can purchase special materials, or you can do with their independent production, if you have the time and experience of such actions. Finished parts are assembled together, it often happens that the arch is installed on a flat surface without being fixed to the ground so that the structure can be moved. But if you are worried about the stability of the product, it is better to fix it with brackets or concreting.

The decor is done using stain and varnish, or just paint, which covers the surface. The installation area is additionally decorated with a low fence, flowerpots with flowers, garden figures or a sculpture, everything here depends on the imagination and requirements of the author.

Arch canopy near the building

The next type of wooden arches is a canopy, which is installed in the immediate vicinity of the main summer cottages, forming a covered recreation area.

You can make a similar canopy in the country from other materials, for example, from metal and polycarbonate or from stretch fabric on the frame, but if you use wood for the construction, you can get an excellent result.

So, what is necessary for the construction of such a structure of wood with your own hands?

Of course, first of all, this is desire and free time, and only then special tools and materials. If such a kit is available, you can proceed !!!

Vertical gardening of the fence

Wood arch plan

A drawing can also be made by hand with certain sizes. In it, it will also be necessary to introduce a quantitative part, an amount and possible corrections at the stages, that is, to work out an estimate for the construction.

A work plan with correctly scheduled items will help you at all stages, and therefore do not be lazy.

Site selection and preparation

A canopy arch is installed near the main buildingsand therefore it will have three open sides, the fourth side will be the wall of the building, near which the arch is being built.

The design can be installed on a finished site made of concrete or paving slabs, or you can simply on the ground with plants, a lawn. Only one thing will change here - the very method of installing and fixing the base of the arch for stability and reliability.

Further, preparatory work, which includes cleaning the territory, leveling, transferring the dimensions of the structure to the site, marking with thread or chalk, calculations.

Installation of the arch canopy

Since the design will not be of the smallest weight, we recommend that you pay attention to stability, reliability, bearing capacity of the base of the arch. To do this, you should choose massive material, for example, a bar or beam with dimensions of 10x12 cm, 12x15 cm, and so on. The length of the beam (that is, the height of the arch) is determined by yourself, depending on the one specified in the project.

Bearing bases are best installed in the ground or on a special ground frame. The main thing is to give the vertical foundations high stability so that the top of the arch can not only be covered, but also decorated.

For a quality installation, we use concreting of the main beams with their mandatory preliminary protection.

Pergola - the simplest wooden structure

The construction of the arch-canopy on the base

Bearing beams are installed, which means that it is necessary to continue building the frame in the vertical direction. To do this, we pull the vertical beams with horizontal jumpers from a thinner beam, thereby increasing the stability and uniformity of the structure. At a height of up to three meters, such jumpers can be from two to four. The main thing is to make a horizontal base for laying the roof.

Remember that during the construction of the arch we have the opportunity to lean and fasten to the wall of the main building - a summer kitchen, an extension or the country house itself. This is a fairly positive point, because in this way it is much easier to achieve high reliability of a wooden arch.

The slope of the roof, its size and general format, determine in your own opinion. It can be a gently sloping roof, gable, conical in the form of a hexagon, and so on. Very correctly, it will be based on the format of the roof of the main building. That is why we recommend installing roof-bearing arches and laying the roof at a slight angle and just below the roof of the building to which the structure is attached. Thus, you will get the correct slope, so that moisture does not accumulate on the roof surface, and at the same time is removed from the roof of the house and arch.

Finished Roofing

We talked about canopies and roofs many times, and chose material according to budget and design. Therefore, we suggest that you turn to articles, for example, on the construction of gazebos in the country with your own hands. The flooring of the roofing material can be produced according to the same parameters and algorithms that are described there, it does not matter if it is polycarbonate, slate, decking or bitumen tile.

Upon completion of the installation of the frame and roofing, we get an almost ready arch canopy, which can only be protected from atmospheric phenomena and decorated a bit.

Protection and decor of a wooden arch

In terms of wood protection, we recommend the use of special means and impregnations, about which we have thematic materials on the site. As for the decor, here you can fantasize for a very long time. Inside the arch canopy, which is a resting place and a canopy, you can set a table and benches, arrange a barbecue or barbecue. In addition, you can always work with decorative lighting, plants on the side panels of the arch, installing inside a variety of hand-made decor.

Arches in landscaping

Any of the arches indicated by us in the article can be erected on a summer cottage with your own hands. If you have your own opinion on this matter or interesting ideas that will help make the summer cottage design more practical, leave suggestions in the comments to the article, we will be very grateful for your participation!

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